Submitting Runs/Videos to kz-climb & ROTW #10: ruben on kz_caulis_v2

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    I would like to announce the ability to submit kz videos / runs to the community youtube channel. There are three different forms of submission:
    1. a POV demo (.dem) of the WR run
    2. a (minimally laggy) replay bot (.rec) from the server
    3. A community submission for a video
    For those that plan to make own videos I plan to create a new youtube playlist on the channel to allow more freedom. But I'll also include the kz-climb YT templates if you would like to maintain consistency with the rest of the videos. Consistency is particularly important for featured series such as ROTW.

    "How do I submit?"
    An e-mail will be sent to: with the subject of the email including "Community Submission"

    Within the e-mail you will include the file or a link to a download of the file (.dem, .rec, or a rendered video for yt). And then follow this template:
    • Name of runner
    • Map
    • Time
    • Type
    • Link to kzstats page for that map
    • demo_gototick (if a .dem file this is greatly appreciated)
    • name of song (if edited video)
    • Editor and youtube channel link if desired (if edited video)
    I hope to see more submissions to the community channel. With this ability to submit demos, bots and edited videos it opens the channel up to a larger population beyond just the KZers themselves (server owners with bots and video editors such as @Gull.). Please note submissions can also be Map Showcases or any other KZ related videos if wanted.

    ROTW #10

    Some people in last week's comments really wanted to see the kz_caulis_v2 run so I figured it was best to feature the improved time by @ruben (would've been ROTW regardless).

    Player: @ruben
    Map: kz_caulis_v2
    Time: 02:36.02
    Editor: @PlastiS

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