September 26, 2015 - Weekly Update #1

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    Hello, welcome to the first Weekly Update. The aim of this weekly series is to provide the KZ community with more information related to KZ.

    Weekly News:
    • is currently recruiting additional staff members. There are many positions available, ranging from the typical Server Administrator to something unique like a Writer. This is your chance to help out the KZ community!
    • CS:GO Patch (September 15) changed players' base movement velocity while on ladder. Read about how this change negatively impacts KZ.
    • KZTimer v1.75's recent launch introduced the KZTimer Official Maplist. We are still currently working through a few bugs. For now, (ran by so0le) may show maps that are not global.
    • The Automatic Mapcycle Downloader is nearing its finish in development, and is planned to be released by next week.
    New Maps - 9 new maps have been updated to the global maplist
    Map Updates:
    • kz_alouette has been updated to fix shortcuts
    • kz_exp_cursedjourney has been renamed to kz_exps_cursedjourney. This new version fixes a number of shortcuts, adds more donor names, and various tweaks and fixes.
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    Great post, very informative! :)

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