Map Testing: Who does it? (It could be you)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Zach47, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Zach47

    Zach47 randomly hit 9 380s lol Staff Member KZGlobalAdmin Video Editor Programmer Official Map Tester Pro Player

    Feb 8, 2016
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    Hey everyone,

    As some of you may know about through the KZ Discord, I recently went through and rejected or approved the remaining maps that were stuck in limbo. The maps rejected do have the opportunity to resubmit if they'd like. However, there is a question that I need answered by the community: "Who does map testing?"

    Currently, the map testing team consists of @Lillen and @Krushed. I myself was a part of the map testing team before I started taking on administrative roles. Now, having only two map testers makes it difficult to have a majority vote for a map to be approved. Rather, it's either they're both for it or it gets rejected.

    So, a solution that I'm wanting from the community is for those interested in being a part of the map testing team to apply. If you have experience map testing, have made maps yourself, or have a way of showing your knowledge and interest in KZ Map testing, please follow the example submission below:

    Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:1:11374239
    Discord Name: ijust#0316
    Experience: Served multiple months on the Map testing team, approved/rejected multiple maps. Have helped mappers with issues with Hammer. Worked with Hammer in Source and Global Offensive.
    Other: I've been playing KZ for almost 3 years with multiple global records, so I believe I know how to judge maps fairly.

    If this sounds like something you're interested in, please apply below.

    Thanks, Zach47
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  2. Chaosangel

    Chaosangel REGULAR Official Map Tester

    Jan 28, 2016
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    Steam: STEAM_0:0:59033654
    Discord: chaosangel#8850
    Experience: I'm a mapper myself so I have some experience with hammer in CS:GO. Helped some people with mapping related questions whenever I could and also gave feedback on some new maps while they were still in beta.
    Other: Zach47 is forcing me to apply by flattering and scaring me at the same time. Help.
  3. Alves

    Alves CASUAL

    Feb 12, 2017
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:1:51653737
    Discord: Alves#5923
    Experience: Well, I only have 90 hours in hammer. But I learned a lot and I would like to be a map tester. I consider myself quite good despite not having much experience ...
    Other: I've been playing KZ for almost 2 years , ~70 global tops of 128 tick, no records :(
    Some images of my map (in process):
    Negative point: I do not speak english very well
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  4. GameChaos

    GameChaos perfect jump ratio: 86.60% Official Map Tester Mapper

    Feb 20, 2016
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile:
    Discord Name: GameChaos#8192
    Experience: I have 3000 hours in hammer (1k real). I've created 2 kz maps so far (10ish never gonna see the light of day), have helped multiple mappers with their maps, found bugs etc.
    Other: I've been playing KZ for almost 2 years with much experience with testing maps.
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  5. Gwooky

    Gwooky SEMIPRO Official Map Tester

    Jan 3, 2016
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile:
    Discord Name: gwooky#8738
    Experience: around 3k hours of kz and 10 pro globals currently.
    Other: Exams will be over soon, and I will have lots of time for a couple of months.
    I have almost no experience using hammer, but id be happy to provide feedback regarding gameplay, etc.
  6. Jak

    Jak Prodigy

    Apr 15, 2017
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:1:45421221
    Discord Name: Jak#9699
    Experience: I've been testing all maps that got released on the forums and aren't global yet for the past months and always made sure to either pm the mapcreator or leave a message on the thread. I have finished every global map and I am very eager to learn how to hammer since I want to get into mapping soon myself.
    Other: I probably enjoy finding shortcuts, exploring the map and just helping out with gameplay flaws the most.I have finished every global map and I am very eager to learn how to hammer since I want to get into mapping soon myself. Also I'll have a lot of spare time so I can definitly dedicate myself to this role.

    I'd also suggest to have 5 map testers instead of just 3 since you'll have more feedback and will most likely never run into issues with organizing or planing ahead.
  7. vesq

    vesq CASUAL Official Map Tester Mapper

    Nov 12, 2016
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:0:53383654
    Discord Name: vesq#1083
    Experience: Over 250 real-time hours in Hammer and lots of knowledge about the existing bugs in CS:GO. I've found dozens of unintended map shortcuts and bugs. I am skilled in movement, so almost no map would be too hard to judge.
    Other: Played CS:GO KZ for 1000's of hours in over three years and a lot of bhop way back on source times.
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  8. persona

    persona heh Mapper Pro Player

    Feb 11, 2016
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile:
    Discord Name: persona#9055
    Experience: Been kzing for about 3 years, ~5k hours in kz, played almost every map released for csgo kz in that time, not much technical experience with hammer, fairly competent at jumping on blocks
    Other: Not much experience in hammer, but i've been told my feedback on game play is always fairly good
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  9. nykaN

    nykaN PRO Official Map Tester Mapper

    Dec 20, 2015
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:1:27112765
    Discord Name: nykaN#9903
    Experience: Was a maptester for a very short amount of time a good while ago. I've made several maps, some good, some less good but I've got decent experience in hammer. I often help new mappers with hammer and with testing maps. I usually test every map that comes out and give feedback if I feel it's needed.
    Other: I've been playing too much KZ during about 2+ years, and I've worn out about three mousewheels.
  10. zorb

    zorb toxic retard Mapper

    Jan 13, 2016
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    Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:0:91996811
    Discord Name: Zorb#6597
    Experience: I was apart of the old KZ Mapping group on KZ-Climb and approved/rejected multiple maps. I am also a mapper and I am quite familiar with hammer. I've been kz'ing for a little more than 2 years and I've been invited to test a lot of people's maps in beta/alpha.
    Other: I'm not the best player in the world by any means, but I do have multiple top 20s if that means anything (probably not) :(
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