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    Current members of the team:
    1. Kenneth - Owner of and its community servers. A beta tester for KZTimer and also records and produces KZ YouTube videos. Please message me if you need anything regarding the Map approval Group.
    2. Cybur - A KZ player who has been playing for a long time, has mapping experience as well.
    3. fLzi - A player who has been involved with KZ for a year and a half.
    4. Funk - Head admin for KZ-Climb. He tests maps, and is a part of the approval process for the kz-climb servers.
    5. Gargos - Owner of AUS KZ, which is as big as House of Climb in terms of player size. He does an approval process too for his server so he has experience.
    6. George. - Experienced mapper from CS:S, has insight of Hammer and can assist other mappers on the technical side.
    7. Joshua - Co-owner of kz-unity, who run US and European servers. They also run two noob friendly servers.
    8. Maksy - Co-Owner of Kz Masters. Has 2+ years of experience playing KZ, and is amongst the better players.
    9. Orbit - A top level player from New Zealand. Started playing KZ in CSGO, and still keeps up with the veterans. Also has mapping experience.
    10. Rifk - Top level KZ player who has many top 20 times.
    11. Satan - A KZ player with many top 20 times.
    12. Zach47 - 2 Year CS:GO KZer who has achieved multiple global records and is well known for his record on bkz_apricity.
    13. Zorb - Mapper and player from the US.

    Message me on Steam or send me a PM here if you want me to add / change member information.
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