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    Hello KZers,

    We are hyped to announce the hard work behind API and KZTimer’s version 1.89 release and are looking forward to see feedback on these changes!

    Like we’ve done before, downloads are once again available as FULL and UPGRADE packages found under our bitbucket repository.


    • API is now available via KZTimer-API plugin!
    • Updater support is now available and used if updater is running
    • Prespeed is now correctly applied when jumpbugging (Thanks DanZay!)
    • Anticheat bans now allow for a permanent ban (Thanks sneaK!)
    • Options menu items are now made into toggle commands (Thanks Danvari!)
    • Prevented custom start/end zone error from happening
    • Prevented jumpstats array from overflowing when having 18+ strafes
    • sv_accelerate_use_weapon_speed is now enforced to 0 (Thanks xq & GameChaos!)
    • Fixed player options which weren't being saved previously
    • Fixed an incorrectly formatted global error message (Thanks sneaK)
    • Implemented !pb (sm_pb) to display your personal bests on current map
    • The "Timer Restarted" text no longer appears more than once (Resets on connect)
    • Fixed jumpstats colors & quake sounds being incorrect on spectate
    • Jumpstat color option now applies to the jumper itself (Godlikes arent displayed if your jumpstat color setting is set to "none" for example)
    • Quake Sounds now has an option for "Records Only"
    Toggle Commands
    • Sm_toggle_goto
    • Sm_toggle_errorsounds
    • Sm_toggle_timertext
    • Sm_toggle_speclist
    • Sm_toggle_startweapon
    • Sm_toggle_menusounds
    • Sm_toggle_quakesounds
    • Sm_toggle_checkpointmsg
    • Sm_toggle_jumpstatcolors

    • API Jumpstat top is available via !jumpstatstop / !jst
    • API Records are available via !globaltop2 (yes, with a 2)
    • API globalcheck is available via !globalcheck

    API Beta

    This release contains adds support for sending data to the API, an alternative (and soon the primary) global database. The API has additional features such as tracking all player records and tracking global jumpstats top. It will be expanded in the future to include things like global settings and global replays. If the server does not have the KZTimer-API plugin, 1.89 will fall back to the standard global database system.

    To utilize the API, you will need to download the KZTimer-API plugin combined with the GlobalRecords-Core and Jumpstats plugin. Installation guides of both plugins can be found on their bitbucket readme files.
    API Key is also required to utilize the API, you can apply for one via our portal ( please note that you have to apply for every server you own.

    GlobalRecords plugin has also been updated to 1.2.0 as well. We highly recommend updating to latest releases.


    KZTimer-API Plugin:

    With the API now being available on both GOKZ and KZTimer, we will see a large uptick in data being sent. Our goal is to use the performance metrics from this open beta and prepare for the full release of the API. If any issues occur, please message the Global Team.

    We hope you’re excited for these changes as much as we are and look forward to hearing your input.

    Thank you, the Global Team.
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    lj bug fix when
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