KZTimer 1.89 & API open for testing

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    Hey KZers!

    Testing is now open for KZTimer 1.89 and API for it
    We highly encourage you to at least try it!

    KZTimer 1.89 introduces a handful of new features
    • API is now included in KZTimer as long as you run KZTimer-API
    • Jumpbugs now apply speedcap correctly
    • All options are now available via sm_toggle_ commands
    • Custom start/end zone check is completely removed and should prevent the error from happening
    • Fixed an error whenever someone did 18+ strafe jumps
    • sv_accelerate_use_weapon_speed is now enforced to 0
    • Fixed previously broken player options
    • Fixed an error with a global error message
    • Implemented a command to display your personal best on current map (sm_pb)
    • "Timer Restarted" text no longer displays more than once. This resets on connect
    • Fixed jumpstat colors and quake sounds being wrong when spectating
    • Quake sounds now has an option for "Records Only"
    • Jumpstat colors now also apply to the jumper itself (Godlikes arent displayed if your setting is set to "none" for example)

    The KZTimer's API is powered by a separate plugin made by Sikari.
    The plugin would be available and open sourced after test session.

    Testing is available on
    The server is using testing envinroment so the data gathered during the test session wont be transferred.

    The Global Team
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    *clap* gj $ickari *clap*
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