KZTimer 1.88 Release

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    KZTimerGlobal 1.88 Release

    Global Team is very excited to announce a new version of KZTimerGlobal
    This release has some wanted features like convar for chat processing and aswell an option to disable error sounds.

    Full patch notes can be found at the end of this post

    Downloads are available as either UPGRADE or FULL packages.
    Download link for both packages can be found here:

    • Fixes to exploits & issues
      • Fixed an exploit with goto
      • Fixed an exploit where players could use custom colors in chat
      • Fixed an issue where your timer would continue when going to spectators paused
      • Prestrafe has been fixed for no pre (USP walkspeed is now 250)
    • QOL changes
      • Added an option for players to disable error sounds
      • Added a server convar to disable chat processing (Thanks theSaint)
      • Added a server convar to disable the steam group adverts
    • Miscellaneous changes
      • !join (sm_join) now points to the current KZTimer steam group
      • Gray, perfect & impressive longjumps now reset the godlike count
      • Whenever a global time doesn’t register, a message is now printed to your chat instead of being console before.
      • Jumpstat forwards are implemented into KZTimer
    We’re excited to continue development and we would be happy to hear about feedback on these changes.

    Thank you,
    The Global Team
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