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    Hello Kzers, some of us in the mapping discord have been thinking about making another mapping competition, this time I will be hosting it.

    It is going to be as the last time, a competition over the span of 2 months with a focused topic: Maps similar to kz_free_ahful (WR Replay), or slide_ maps (See the download below for BSPViewer and a few 1.6 slide maps for reference, included kz_free_ahful).

    BSPViewer + Maps for reference

    Summarizing, maps with small surfs, slides, various tech jumps in between if desired etc.

    There is a prize pool, any donation towards the prize pool is appreciated.


    If you want to support the mappers and the competition itself, you can donate to the prize pool here:
    First place will get 60% of the prize, second will get 25% and third 15%.


    Theme is FREE choice, but you need to stick to it and make it somewhat unique, it will be voted positively by the judges if it is well applied at the end of the competition, if there is no theme the votes will be default 0 on the theme category.


    The competition lasts 2 months from today (3 July) to 3 September 8pm GMT.
    Map submissions must be submitted by then, otherwise they won't be counted.
    Each judge gets one vote each, the community gets two votes.


    The judges that take part in this event are:

    • CyclO
    • xq
    • Danvari
    • Ballistic Bacon
    • nykaN

    If a judge decides to participate in the competition he will leave the judge spot.

    There are 5 categories ordered from most to least important:

    • Gameplay: How well the map plays, no perf skips, weird difficulty spikes etc.
    • Design: How intuitive the map is, does the player get lost often, is the map overwhelming, etc.
    • Visuals: How nice the map looks and how alive the environment feels.
    • Polish: Optimization, attention to detail, fixing visual inconsistencies.
    • Theme: Does the map stick to the theme or thinks outside the box about it.

    You can vote on them on a scale of 1-100 after the deadline.
    The judges and the community will be able to vote on the submissions from 8pm September 3 to 8pm September 10 on a google forms page.
    The winner will be announced the next day (11 September) at 8pm and the prizes will be given away as quickly as possible.

    Submission Rules:
    • Only 1 map per person (collaborations are allowed).
    • A flawless run on the map must be over 1 minutes.
    • Must abide to the global map approval ruleset

    You can submit the map as a reply to this thread or on the KZ Mapping Discord.

    Additional Information:
    More information will be provided on the KZ Mapping discord and on this thread, if needed.
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