Introducing Cobrex to CSGO KZ

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sachburger, Apr 13, 2017.

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    @Cobrex is a veteran of the 1.6 kreedz community, XJ, in which he started an active role back in 2009. He became a prominent moviemaker & mapper, eventually creating his well known video "Kreedz The Movie" in 2013.

    But very recently he came over to CSGO kz to give it a shot and was particularly impressed with the aesthetics of some CSGO maps. For his first video @Cobrex chose to edit a run done on kz_moonlight due to the exceptional mapping from Jurkelis(@banananosis ), "for creating such a masterpiece".

    I hope to see him stick around for more great videos. You can find some of his previous work on youtube.
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    Good fucking job Cobrex! I did especially love the colors, they are P E R F E CT

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