How to longjump and tips for strafeing

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    Sup people my name is lexo so i saw most of the players here ask for tips on strafeing or just longjumping in general so heres a quick explanation on how to get better and how to understand strafeing/statting in general
    my pb is a 284 no bug pretty much like a 286 or 287 if it was bugged which i am kinda sad for ;(
    so i have seen some people getting high max speed and good sync and ask why do i only get like a 260 or a 265 well heres why theres this thing called airpath

    Airpath is pretty much the direction ur headed u want that direction to be headed towards the block ofcourse
    to get a better airpath try to make your strafes equal,pretty much strafe to the same spot u did on ur two first strafes.with a good airpath u can get lower max speed and still jump further(get a bigger stat).With good sync and a good max speed you can easily get a pretty good stat.

    Now another thing if u do from 5 to 8 strafes make ur strafe wider this will help you gain more speed since u dont do more strafes but if u do from 9 to like 10 try doing not too small but not too wide strafes if u do from 10 to 12 u should do small strafes bcs u strafe 12 times in one jump and that will gain u alot of speed remember try getting a good airpath aswell.

    Hopefully this can help some people if it did pls if u see me ingame say hi :)

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