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    @Zach47 discovered GOTV is possible through hacking the mainframe and digesting the h264 encoder to allow for bspencoding. By doing this, it allows GOTV to work on servers. This is fact.

    Enough alternative facts... @Zach47 discovered his GOTV autorecordings from a previous KZ tourney were successfully recorded and non-corrupt demos with the help of @Chuckles . It was previously thought that GOTV and KZTimer were incompatible. GOTV demos allow for the most flexibility with moviemaking as campaths can be done alongside the actual run to create more interesting edits. Furthermore, GOTV demos are not affected by latency like POV demos are.

    I’d recommend larger, public servers to not enable GOTV recordings as it does come with the drawback of not working alongside Pro replay bots (@Sikari is working on this, i believe) but the bot recordings are still maintained to allow for demo checking. POV demos are still better in large servers as it maintains the client commands such as “!hide”. However, enabling the GOTV recordings is ideal for small, private and tournament servers.

    Here is an example of what can be done with GOTV:

    Here's how to use GOTV for your KZ Server.

    In your server.cfg, copy and paste these commands:

    //GOTV Recordings

    tv_enable 1
    tv_snapshotrate 128
    tv_autorecord 1
    tv_maxclients 0
    Bot_kick (have to do this on start of the maps, if you want to keep player models to a minimum)

    Then, in KZTimerGlobal.txt, replace the default value of kz_player_transparency 80 to:
    kz_player_transparency "255"

    Then once in-game, you can use:
    !rcon tv_status
    or in console:
    rcon tv_status

    If it says "GOTV[0] is offline", then it's not working.

    If it says it's recording and starts with "autoXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX" then the autorecording is working.

    If you want to stop a recording, type:

    If you want to manually record a demo, type:
    tv_record [FileName]

    To explain what they do:
    tv_enable turns on GOTV.
    tv_snapshotrate sets the tickrate of the GOTV demo. 128 = 128 tick demo.
    tv_autorecord sets your server to autorecord whenever there is somebody in the server.
    tv_maxclients sets the number of people who can watch the GOTV. In a LAN server, this won't matter.
    bot_kick kick_bot.
    kz_player_transparency sets the visibility of the player and bots. 255 = Fully Visible.
    80 = Default Visibility. 0 = Invisible.
    tv_status checks if GOTV is working.
    tv_stoprecord stops recording.
    tv_record [FileName] manually records a GOTV demo.
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