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    It brings me great pleasure to announce that GOKZ 1.0.0 will support global records.

    GOKZ is a brand new KZ plugin package. It features a alternative set of movement mechanics designed primarily to take focus away from perfect bunnyhops. You are also able to switch to and play with the KZTimer and Vanilla CS:GO mechanics.

    As a result of the hard work of @Chuckles and @Sikari, GOKZ now has a platform for a global records system in the form of the Global API. Each mode in GOKZ will have its own set of global records. You will be able to compete for KZTimer globals using the KZTimer mode on GOKZ servers.

    There will be a short beta period of about a week to test the new global functionality.

    The beta starts today. It's over. Thanks. Times will be wiped after.

    Get your practice in because release is imminent (also it will help us out with testing). More details about the full release will be provided later in the beta.

    If you are interested in hosting a GOKZ server for either the beta period and/or for the release of GOKZ 1.0.0, please contact the global team. Any other issues and feedback may also be forwarded to the global team.

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