February 8, 2016 - Weekly Announcement

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    KZ-Climb Cup #1 is currently in full swing and nearly reached the end of the first round. The second one will start the upcoming weekend. Make sure you tune in again on friday!

    Weekly News:

    • Week 2 of our first cup is over. All results and still remaining matches are listed here.
    • The map kz_quadrant suffered a map breaking exploit and will be removed from globals.
    • @so0le created a thread for general discussion, feedback and suggestions about KZStats.com. Future updates are announced as well.
    • We are still interested in augmenting our staff by recruiting volunteer casters and at least one tournament organizer. Please take a look at this application thread.
    KZ-Climb Cup #1 - Week 3 Maps:

    Round of 64 takes place this weekend! The maps for this week are:
    • kz_summercliff2_go
    • kz_j2s_westbl0ck
    • kz_dzy_beyond
    • kz_remedy_v2
    • kz_aztec
    • kz_lavablock_global
    • kz_hellinashop
    • kz_spacus
    • kz_futureblock
    Starting from this week, players will get 3 map bans instead of two. Good luck to participants!

    Approved Maps:

    No maps were approved this week. Nevertheless there are a bunch of well-made maps which entered the reviewing process already. They might be added to the Global Maplist within the next days.

    Latest Videos:
    Global Records:
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