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Discussion in 'Global Maps - Feedback & Discussion' started by Sachburger, Jan 20, 2017.

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    Jan 6, 2016
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    With Lume being released I think it is an appropriate time to bring up maps that are simply put a series of jumps that require strong strafes, with little to no combo-ability. I personally do not like them as a KZer but that does not mean they have no place. As they can show consistency of mechanical skill among KZers.

    The first map that was this type of style was kz_longjumps_hard/easy that were since removed from globals due to their heavy RNG component and no variance of style of jumps. This brings me to the first aspect I'd consider for jumpstat maps is the fact the jumps need to be varied and not just one style of jump, such as a block LJ. Other styles can include WJ, bhops (keep in mind any perfs should be done as close to timer as possible, but i do feel Bhop strafes require slightly different skill than LJs), Ladder jumps, wall strafes, non pre LJs (small block that would theoretically make pre impossible), LJs around corners, etc..... And the second aspect is the break from strafes with slight amounts of what I consider traditional KZ (simple combo sections basically).

    Just wanted to open this discussion up to the public for more varied views. Keep in mind different maps can have different difficulties for skill levels but that I mostly want to see how others feel about jumpstat maps.

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    The main downside with these maps is the fact that bind is a thing which make them much less competitive by default considering how split the top players are on its use.

    Other than that I would have loved to run lume if it didn't have an lj room near the end but regardless it is pretty varied and certainly not rng which puts it ahead of lots of other maps that require 3-4 perfs for an even decent time and all consecutive wrs are equally executed with an added rng component.
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    from a casual perspective maps like kz_longjumps are both boring and unrewarding to play where as with lume I wanted to see what was next and felt compelled to complete the map (I also think it might not be fair to compare lume to longjumps in this way but I doubt many casual jumpers will be posting there opinions here so why not). I think maybe more prefixes could help to set a place for these kind of maps like TKZ_mapname meaning technical kreedz. BKZ needs friends
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    There is a difference between a longjump map (such as kz_longjumps) and a longjump based map (such as kz_lume).
    kz_longjumps is obviously just a sequence of longjumps with a timer at each end, whereas kz_lume has longjumps in it as the main component, but is broken up by small bhop and combo sections. while saying that, I do think that the room towards the end that is filled with pretty much only longjumps is a bit too much.

    Basically what I'm saying is that kz_lume feels like a well thought out map with a solid theme in mind, and maps such as kz_longjumps is just a map of longjumps, and that there is definitely a place for maps like kz_lume in kz.

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