CS:GO Patch - Ladder Situation

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    The movement velocity of players while on ladder has been decreased due to Patch This change negatively impacts KZ, and makes many ladder-related jumps impossible. The change affects ladder strafing, ladder fast-climb, and ladder air jumps. It is roughly estimated that approximately 40% of the maps in KZ is impacted by this change. It is also important to note that even if a ladder related jump is still possible, the Global Records for the map will still be affected.

    It is speculated that this change is intentional rather than an oversight by Valve. This is because they introdued the sv_ladder_scale_speed (0.75 by default). As a temporary fix, please add sm_cvar sv_ladder_scale_speed 1 to your server.cfg or any other config file.

    Use this thread for discussion about the issue.

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