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    The topic of degloballing maps has come up more than once recently on the discord and because I think that the discord is not very useful for longer posts I thought I might make a thread here.

    I'll try to keep this structured to avoid rambling

    1.) Community Involvement
    I think that it's generally a good idea to ask for opinions and the addition of a community vote to the Map Approval Process is a positive thing but in the end someone has to make a decision. As it stands right now this person would be Zach and I can understand that he doesn't want to piss too many people off but I think that at some point the discussion has to end and in the end there are always gonna be people bitching about something.

    2.) Degloballing Maps
    There has been some discussion about individual maps that should or should not be degloballed but I think that something else has been overlooked. The actual criteria that the maps, that are already global have to meet.

    The first question that comes to mind is actually:
    Which maps should be considered to be degloballed? Should all maps be reviewed or should the Map Testing Team make a preliminary list of maps that should be reviewed more closely?

    The second question here is about the actual criteria that the maps have to meet. There is an endless amount of criteria that could be brought up here. And each one of them could get maps degloballed.

    There are clearly quantifiable ones:
    - Bhop skips (bkz_levite_ng, kz_peak_global, kz_nyc_v1, kz_adv_cursedjourney, kz_district_d01, kz_gitgud_final, ...)
    - Forced Bhops (kz_magus, kz_gurk, ...)
    - Kuoruching (This might belong to forced bhops) ( bkz_apricity, bkz_underground_crypt_v3, kz_retribution_v2_final)
    And ones that are not so quantifiable
    - Repetetiveness (bkz_blackrockshooter_vzp, bkz_impulse,...)
    - Competetiveness
    - Popularity
    There are arguments for and against and different interpretations for pretty much all of these.

    The third question is if there should be a difference between maps that are already global and the ones that are not.

    3.) The Map Testing Team
    The point of all this is that I think that discussing this too much is not very productive. Community Input can only go so far and, as I already said, in the end someone has to actually make a decision.
    Another issue of mine is that it seems like the Map Testing Team as a whole did not have an internal discussion about any of this.

    If I'm being blunt I think that you guys should grow a pair.

    "Their reasoning is that a large open area which requires bhops isn't a fault of the map, but of the Timer we use. Changing old maps like this one may end up requiring changes to many other maps, which could be disastrous ." - From the #Maptesting_decisions channel.

    If you think that the map shouldnt be global, then deglobal it. Dont let yourself get bullied into representing an opinion that isnt yours. If you believe it or not and if some people like it or not, you guys actually have some sort of authority in this. And putting a sarcastic message into this certainly doesnt help either.

    Make up your mind as to how and why maps should be degloballed, communicate this and fuck people that dont like it. It's not like these people couldnt be in the Map Testing Team. They chose to not put in the time to take over this responsibility. You did.

    I think this got a bit rambly.

    PS: I do not want to start a discussion about individual maps or criteria or whatever.

    ITT: Several jokes and memes about kz being dead and some pointless posts that make every attempt at a serious discussion void and useless.
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    fyi levite_ng doesn't have any bhop skips

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