An Interview: Rifk, the 2nd Winner of a Zach47 KZ Tournament

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    Hey everyone,

    For our second interview, I spoke to the second winner of the KZ Tournament that I produced last Saturday (2/11/2017), @rifk. I asked him about his experiences with KZ, his beginnings, and what he intends to do with his winnings. I hope you enjoy it!

    Zach47: Hey rifk, could you tell me a little about yourself?
    rifk: My name's Bryn, however I go by the alias rifk online; I'm 16, a Libra and i enjoy long walks on the beach and cuddling at night. I'm from Kent, England and I'm a passionate GBT.

    Zach47: When did you start KZing? What made you start? What made you stay?
    rifk: I started playing KZ in late 2013 on 1Nut's KZTimer. I first started playing for fun due to seeing videos of a famous KZer @blasdfa online, the speed and precision was fascinating to me. I remained playing KZ due to the warm and welcoming community as well as the rivalry that stood between players.

    Zach47: When you started, was there anyone you looked up to as inspiration?
    rifk: When I first started KZ in 2013 I definitely looked up to @blasdfa and sLowi. They would join any server and so easily smash the map’s record.

    Zach47: So, it’s been a few days since you won the KZ tournament. How do you feel?
    rifk: Honestly I never expected to win in the first place, so I'm still in astonishment that I even made it to the finals, let alone that I'd won the tournament. Although, I'd have to say I could've never done it without Chokeburger (@Sachburger) and the support of chat.

    Zach47: What made you want to enter?
    rifk: Genuinely, I first entered for the fun of it. I hadn’t even thought of the money surprisingly. I never had expectations to win so the thought had never crossed my mind that I'd be using my parents PayPal account to claim the prize; however, as I progressed through the group stages, I realized how close I was to winning any amount of money, so I started taking it more seriously.

    Zach47: Would you enter again if the maps were different? What would you change about the tournament?
    rifk: I'm planning to enter next even if the maps aren't to my liking as it was simply fun and enjoyable, although I do feel as if some of the maps were obviously played more than others. Next tournament, I'd preferably like to see that the number of maps that are to be played are increased alongside the amount of vetoes so that the viewers can enjoy a wider range of maps being played instead of watching players duke it out on the same map every round.

    Zach47: Who do you want to see play in the next tournament?
    rifk: In the next tournament, I'd especially like to see some better players such as Linus and Pizza alongside 2014 Zane.

    Zach47: So, moving away from the tournament, How would you rank yourself in comparison to the rest of the KZers in our community? Do you see yourself as one of the best? Average? Etc…
    rifk: Despite my hours, I have a low number of achievements thus I'd rank myself pretty low on the spectrum of what is classed as a professional player. As of right now, I'd say the best players out there are @linus, zza, and @cL1p. They seem to exceed other players with little effort and that impresses me greatly.

    Zach47: What, in your opinion, is the most impressive global record? Have you yourself tried to attain it?
    rifk: The most impressive record in my opinion is kz_natureblock_go. I’ve surely spent 500hrs on that map to no avail, which is why I’m certain that it is currently the hardest map to beat. It’s been almost completely optimized.

    Zach47: Do you play anything else other than KZ? Do you play any other games?
    rifk: Other than KZ, I frequently play more casual games like Rocket League or Brawlhalla with friends.

    Zach47: Thank you for answering my questions. I hope to see more of you in KZ.
    rifk: Thank you. For my final words, I'd first like to shout out to anyone who supported me throughout the tournament despite my unexpected victory. Secondly, I'd like to shout to 2014 Zane although he isn't here with us now he's in my heart. Honestly I'm shaking. I'm fucking shaking. I never wanted to KZ with anyone more than I want to with 2014 Zane. Those perfect, jerky strafes. Those bountiful bhops. The 1800 dpi sens of a literal goddess. It honestly fucking hurts knowing that I'll never KZ with him, passing my apricity knowledge through him, and have him get both the pro and tp world records. For my third shoutout, I'd like to shoutout to my GB brethren we pushed through the hate and we're no longer GBT. If you'd like, follow me on twitch.

    If you'd like to know more about @rifk, visit the links below.

    If you want to know more about the KZ Tournament that @rifk won, see this thread.
    If you'd like to know when the next KZ Tournament will be, follow me on my twitch and keep and eye out here on the KZ-Climb forums.

    Thank you, Zach47
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    congrats rifk !
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