An Interview: Burhác, the 1st Winner of a Zach47 KZ Tournament

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    Today, I interviewed @burhác about his recent KZ Tournament win, what he's been up to recently, and what he is planning for in the future. Let me know if you want to see more of these, and what questions you'd like to see answered!

    Zach47: Hey burhác, could you tell me a little about yourself?
    burhác: Sure. I'm burhác, 19 years old born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. I'm currently going to university, studying a mixture of computer science and economics. My first CS game was Source, which I started playing in 2010, and I got into GO shortly after it came out.

    Zach47: When did you start KZing? What made you start? What made you stay?
    burhác: The first map I ever played was kz_snowylego in early summer 2015, and I remember not being able to complete it, so I didn’t play KZ for a few months there. In late summer 2015, I returned and played kz_ascend, and with the help of a very kind admin whom I can't remember, I managed to complete the map, and I was hooked. I started playing on HoC, and the community there was always very helpful and friendly, which made me stay this long.

    Zach47: So, it’s been a week since you won the KZ tournament that I hosted. How do you feel?
    burhác: I still get butterflies in my stomach a little bit when i think about it. I didn't think I would get that far in the tournament, especially considering what happened in the first kz-cup, but it feels really good that I could beat some of the top players, even though the very best weren't playing.

    Zach47: What made you want to enter?
    burhác: I decided to enter because some people were doubting that I'd get far in this tournament because of my history in choking (the last kz-cup), so I wanted to prove them wrong. I am also a very competitive person, so I would've entered regardless.

    Zach47: Would you enter again if the maps were different? What would you change about the tournament?
    burhác: I'd definitely enter again, no matter what the map pool is. Playing in this tournament made me go out of my comfort zone, as I had to play on combo-heavy maps that I haven’t really played all that much before. I liked everything about the tournament, the production value for the stream was good, format is perfect and everything went smooth in-game.

    Zach47: So, moving away from the tournament and more about yourself, you currently have the 2nd highest amount of global pro records, with Linus having nearly triple yours. Have you been trying to get more records or are you content with the ones you have?
    burhác: For the last month or so I've been moving away from KZ a little bit for the reason of getting burnt out a little bit. Most of my records are old and binded so I can't say I'm content with them. In the near future though, I'd like to move back to playing KZ more and beating my old records and the ones that were already beaten by others (looking at you @Sachburger kz_depot)

    Zach47: What would you say is your best global record? What is the most difficult record you’ve had to work on to keep/get?
    burhác: I'd say right now my hardest to beat global record is my pro run on kz_gfy_fortroca_finallll. You're gonna need lots of clicks to beat that. Battling @Sachburger on kz_depot consumed all my free time for about 2 weeks, and I ended up losing by 0.03 seconds. It's a very hard map, getting solid pro runs is incredibly difficult.

    Zach47: Do you play other games besides KZ? I know that you speed run Left 4 Dead 2 on your twitch.
    burhác: That would be correct, I started speed running L4D2 recently and streaming it on my twitch, which has been a very fun experience, and also part of the reason I don’t play KZ as much.

    Zach47: Well, I want to thank you for answering my questions, for participating in my tournament, and I hope to see more of you in KZ and on Twitch.
    burhác: No problem, and thank you for organizing the tourney, it was very fun. Hopefully more to come!

    If you'd like to know more about burhác, visit the links below.

    If you want to know more about the KZ Tournament, see this thread.
    If you'd like to know when the next KZ Tournament will be, follow me on my twitch and keep an eye out here on the KZ-Climb forums. The next tournament should be expected early/mid February.

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