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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FraY.-, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Jan 11, 2019
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    First of all, hello!
    I'm mainly a competitive CSGO player but have gotten very interest in KZ general lately, and mostly with default(comp) settings.
    I have a few questions regarding default settings:
    1. What's the best technique for longjumps? When it comes to strafes, is it better to do wide strafes or small ones? Also, is faster better? For instance if I want to do a jump with 2 strafes, is it better to go for 2 smooth and even strafes, or doing them them fast and the second one longer?
    Same for boosting onto the balcony on inferno A site. Is 1 fast strafe better than 1 slow smooth strafe?
    2. Is crouchbhopping or "jumpbug" useful and/or necessary for certain jumps? Say, if on mirage I want to self boost into ladder room from window room, by using the wood thing instead of the window, is that even doable by only doing a standard bhop?
    Or even with a longjump? I only recently noticed that on a video where blasdfa does that jump, he uses the crouch thing, but I can't find alot of info about that. Same thing with the jump from short short to chair.

    I hope someone can take their time to explain those mechanics for me, and am thankful in advance. Also looking forward to playing more kz servers :)

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    I'm not the greatest with vanilla settings but when I've done it I feel that slower/smoother strafes does it for me.
    I mean crouchbhopping can be useful but at the end of the day its RNG. Since getting perfect bhops aka perfs is RNG in csgo. So for example on that mirage jump you can just run on the window and jump. No bhop required. Depends how flashy you wanna be.

    I also don't recommend using this forum as it's very much dead. I just happened to be on it cause for some reason it's still bookmarked.
    I recommend going to the csgo kz discord channel, cause there's where the people hang out.

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