2019 Mouse of Climb NULLS ONLY Tournament 2019

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    Hi all!

    Every 12 years, we showcase the finest of our KZ players in a head-to-head tournament that never ceases to amaze. We seriously have some of the best KZ talent around. From our 2007 KZ tournament winner (you all know him, @Dr Pewdiepie (PhD)), we've definitely proved that not only can we hang with the best, but that we are the best.

    This year, we'd like the tournament to be bigger than ever. We've gathered some of the best talent around and invited them to participate in our tournament.

    Now on to the details:

    *This year's tournament spans the weekend from September 14th-15th.

    **This year, we're completely banning players that are NOT using null binds. We have a plugin to detect overlap, and will also manually review matches flagged. Anyone caught in violation of this is subject to MOC punishments (gulag, etc) and will not be allowed to participate in any future MOC KZ events.

    *EDIT: In addition to null binds being required, we're also demanding the use of -forward binds. Please spread the word. Not using these binds is grounds for a cancellation of maps, scores, waterboarding, etc and may subject you to a ban or similar punishments to not nulling.


    - All matches are streamed and commentated on @ twitch.tv/slumpfy

    - Single elimination, standard format BO4 (draws allowed) until the finals. Finals and the Bronze match are BO1.

    - - The map is selected by a veto process out of 9 incredible maps (pool listed below).

    Map Pool:


    Map Selection System:

    BO4: ??????.

    BO1: ??????.


    Prizepool: As of right now, the prize pool consists of 1 mouse, 1 cheese, 50% off of subs to twitch.tv/slumpfy (only valid through september) & a discount code for https://teespring.com/stores/mouseoncheese.

    1st place: 60% of prize pool, 6 months of free cheese.

    2nd place: 30% of prize pool, 3 months of free cheese.

    3rd place: 10% of prize pool, 1 month of free cheese.

    Want to contribute? Send money via StreamLabs to streamlabs.com/slumpfy/tip and leave "MOC KZ 2019" in the note so we know it's for the tournament.

    If I missed anything, or you have questions or concerns, feel free to sub to me on twitch @ twitch.tv/slumpfy

    Have a great time,

    stumpy & bombu
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    Holy shit.. Nice man :)
    I like the name you picked "Mouse of Climb"
    Good luck with your host :)

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