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KZTimer Global Player Rules (This includes but is not limited to)
  1. Cheating
    • Mouse features (MSL, hyperscrolling, etc.)
    • Macros
    • Scripts
    • AutoHotKey or any scripting language designed to mimic or reproduce peripheral input
    • Injected hacks
    • Binds that give an unfair advantage (e.g. null binds or LJ bind, cannot confirm/deny implementation of a check for these binds (and thereby the veracity of this rule) until the release of KZTimer 2.0.)
  2. Exploiting to gain Global times
    • Exploiting KZTimer
    • Exploiting server privilege
The above rules apply regardless of the server being Global or non-Global.

Punishment for breaking the Player Rules of Conduct

If you are caught breaking either of these rules you will be banned (see below for some specific ban lengths). If you feel you have been WRONGLY banned feel free to appeal this (appeal here).

LJ Cheats

    • First offence:
      • 3 Months
    • Second offence
      • Permanent
Bhop Cheats

    • AHK or Hyperscroll
      • First offence:
        • 1 Months
      • Second offence
        • Permanent
    • Injected
      • Permanent
Playing on alternate accounts while globally banned:
You are not allowed to return to global servers on alternate accounts while globally banned.

KZTimer Global Server Owner Rules of Conduct

1. Plugins that give players unfair advantages

This includes but is not limited to plugins like hook, flying, teleportation, speed manipulation.

2. Cheating times
This includes using your access to the global database to cheat and insert false times.

3. Hiding or removing bots of global records
Until we get a way to share global bots, any attempt to remove bots or hide a global record from the other players will be considered as breaking rule No. 2

4. Banning or unbanning people from the global banlist

5. Keep your server clean
You as a global KZTimer server owner have a responsibility to keep your server clean. That means reporting in cheaters or cheated times. Your admins are an extension of yourself, so consider them as one. They are as responsible for the server as you are.

Failure to meet these requirements
If you somehow fail to meet there requirements your server will be given a punishment. Depending on the severity of the offence this can include:

  • Strike on the server ( 2 strikes & you're out)
  • Server removed from the global list
  • Global ban issued to server owner
Very small update to kz_blindcity_easy_fix removing a single pixelsurf. Filename remains the same.
There were some maps that fell through the cracks and should've been removed 3+ months ago. The changes are as follows -

Maps removed from global:

kz_milk_and_jumps_d has also been removed as it contains material from a map by Tony Montana (See here and here)

Map added to global:

Mapcycle for server owners:
This is just a small update fixing some bugs/exploits on kz_colorcode and kz_railings_uw (kz_railings_uw is now simply kz_railings), all bugged times have been removed.

Updated maps:



Mapcycle for server owners:
Release KZTimer v1.84
KZTimer Global v1.84 has just been released! This is a small update to change the global database details from @versaceLORD's former host to @klyve's new host as @versaceLORD has decided to step down from this postion. The update also increases some of the distances for golden jumpstats (bhops are now 342 units (dropbhops are still 340), multibhops are now 358 units and countjumps are 305 units).

-Changed the global database to a new host
-Increased some of the golden jump stats
Updated files:
Hello everyone! The judges' scores have all been tallied up, and I'm happy to announce the competition results!

The final winner of the KZ-Climb Mapping Competition #1 is ...

kz_oasis by pebi

kz_oasis is an absolutely stunning map that nails the theme of water. The visuals of the map are incredible, and the atmosphere was enhanced by the creative storybook recordings. The gameplay is also well done, with jumps flowing very well offering lots of combo potential.


Second place winner:
kz_dam by pr3da

kz_dam is a very good looking and detailed map in the style of 'prop kz'. It takes a unique spin on the theme of water by having the setting as a dam. Alongside its creative theme and appearance, its biggest strength is its very enjoyable gameplay and placement of jumps.


Community Vote Winner:
kz_oasis by pebi

kz_oasis got 55 votes (51.9%) out of a total of 106 votes. Congratulations!


The 7 judges for the contest were @Kenneth, @V0rt3X, @Haru, @Gargos, @Joshua, @Netcode, and @Funk. They judged on the criteria of creativity, appearance, and gameplay. Each criteria can score 4 possible points, a total of 12 points per map for each judge.

The total possible score is 84 if the map received perfect scores from every judge. Here are the scores for each map:

  • Total score: 81.5
  • Average score of each judge: 11.64
  • Average creativity score: 3.93
  • Average gameplay score: 3.79
  • Average appearance score: 3.93
  • Feedback: The only criticism to be made is that during the water strafe part, there was a slight bump near the end that hindered the experience. The map would also benefit from being slightly longer.
  • Total score: 64
  • Average score of each judge: 9.14
  • Average creativity score: 2.64
  • Average gameplay score: 3.71
  • Average appearance score: 2.79
  • Feedback: Although the map is extremely detailed, more textures should be used to flesh out the visual appearance. A bigger emphasis should also be placed to the theme of water - simply being in a dam with some signs of water is hardly good enough.
  • Total score: 63.5
  • Average score of each judge: 9.07
  • Average creativity score: 3.21
  • Average gameplay score: 2.43
  • Average appearance score: 3.43
  • Feedback: kz_cascade is an extremely long map. This is not a bad thing, but some sections feel very repetitive, almost as if parts were copy and pasted over and over again. The lighting could be slightly improved, and more textures can be used to flesh out the gaming experience.
  • Total score: 60.5
  • Average score of each judge: 8.64
  • Average creativity score: 3.43
  • Average gameplay score: 2
  • Average appearance score: 3.21
  • Feedback: The biggest fault of this map is the gameplay. The map itself is very short, and the gameplay is too boring and does not feel polished enough.
  • Total score: 54
  • Average score of each judge: 7.72
  • Average creativity score: 2.79
  • Average gameplay score: 1.93
  • Average appearance score: 3
  • Feedback: The map feels very rushed with hardly any testing. It has a good setup, but lacks polishing.
  • Total score: 38.5
  • Average score of each judge: 5.5
  • Average creativity score: 1.5
  • Average gameplay score: 2
  • Average appearance score: 2
  • Feedback: It hardly fits the water theme. The visual appearance as well as the gameplay could both be vastly improved.

This officially concludes KZ-Climb Mapping Competition #1. It was able to spawn 6 awesome maps. Thank you to every person who donated to it, thank you to the talented mappers who participated and made it an exciting event, and thank you to all the viewers and voters too! This will definitely not be the last mapping competition either!