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As there was a transition phase between old and new map approval teams there has been a back log of maps that have fell through the cracks and remained in map purgatory. With this map release we will be up to the current maps that are more recently made. I will include either constructive criticism for future projects or provide reasoning for a rejection:


The primary purpose of the global map approval team is to decide whether or not a newly submitted map meets the KZTimer global approval standard. If a submitted map does not meet this standard, the global map approval team will specifically describe what needs to be changed in order to do so.

Members of the global map approval team are chosen because they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about new maps and their creation, and may also serve to provide feedback during the development of maps.

With the interest of making significant improvements to the map approval process, the team has been reformed. The new team is currently comprised of @DanZay, @Zach47 and @Sachburger. We are looking for more team members so if you are interested, please add @Sachburger on Steam ( and express your desire to join.


New Maps

Completed maps can be submitted to the global map approval team by creating a thread (if one does not already exist) in the New Maps subforum and setting the title prefix to “Release”. A link to a public steam workshop page of the map should be included. This is the version of the map that will be checked by the team, and approved if it meets the KZTimer global approval standard.

Before a map is submitted to be globally approved, it is encouraged to create a thread in the same subforum stated above but using the title prefix of “Beta”.

Map approvals happen in waves, with one wave each week. However, once it has been decided that the map will be approved or not, the map maker will be informed. The map approval team aims to have new maps checked within two map approval waves.

Map Updates

Generally speaking, updates to existing globally approved maps are to be avoided. The employed philosophy is that the gameplay of a map is to be allowed to evolve, and the discovery of new techniques is to be encouraged and rewarded.

Regardless, if a mapmaker wishes to make changes to their globally approved map, they are to re-submit their map so that it be properly re-checked. The re-submission of this map should include a note about whether or not the mapmaker believes that global top times should be completely wiped, rolled back, or left as they stand. This will be taken into consideration and is ultimately decided by the map approval team.

Map Removals

Map removals occur when the map approval team re-checks a globally approved map and decides that it no longer meets the KZTimer global approval standard. This may occur if a major issue with the map surfaces after it has been approved e.g. a shortcut that significantly affects the quality of gameplay and competitiveness of a map. Future changes to the standard may also apply retroactively upon careful consideration of the approval team.
Re-approved kz_depot and wiped old global times.

Mapcycle for server owners:
New global maps:

EDIT: Disabled globals on kz_depot due to skips being discovered

Mapcycle for server owners:


· Removed convar "sv_timebetweenducks"

· Switched global db from IP to static address.

· Preparing for Global API

With this release Klyve has begun to improve the KZTimer build process. As we get closer to the release of KZTimer 2.0 there will be many changes happening both within the game environment, with the plugin, and the community as a whole.

The first big change will be the the new GitHub Repository; switched github from to

This will allow us to keep better track of the development of KZTimer. There will be a few changes to KZTimer coming in the next few days including a Global API.

Another change is the transition from the old “Kreedz Europe” group that was from 1nuts management of KZTimer to the new group more appropriately named as “KZTimer Official”.
It can be found at:

This will begin a greater transition for the community that will better represent the current leaders of KZTimer and the community. I hope to see everyone stick with KZ through this exciting time.


Sachburger and the rest of the Global Admin Team
Hello KZ Community,

Our strategic focus is to identify and ban anyone who attempts to use unauthorized assistance during a global run. The global ban list has been our effort to maintain a cheating-free™* environment in KZ. However, the current ban list contains cheaters who have used a wide array of offenses - from simple hyperscrolling to complex injected kz cheats.

Today we will be implementing ban durations for different offenses. This will help distinguish between cheaters who deserve a second chance and the more serious cheaters who have clicked their last clicks. Here is how we will be processing these bans:

LJ Cheats
  • First offence:
    • 3 Months
  • Second offence
    • Permanent
Bhop Cheats
  • AHK or Hyperscroll
    • First offence:
      • 1 Months
    • Second offence
      • Permanent
  • Injected
    • Permanent
As a result of this new policy, we will be unbanning 1,442 users today - 1,314 Bhop AHK cheaters and 128 LJ cheaters.

Thank you,

KZ Global Team
Maps removed from globals:
kz_420b (bind sc) kz_420b was actually not bugged, a player exploited times on the map and has been appropriately punished. Please refrain from exploiting KZTimer for cheated global times.
kz_bridge17_v3 (see comments)

kz_quadrant is re-approved (cleared some bugged times), also cleared some old bugged times on kz_symbiosis_final.

EDIT: kz_ziggurath is now kz_ziggurath_fix, all times have been wiped due to a booster exploit.

Mapcycle for server owners:
kz_freezingridge_go_fix_v4 has been removed from globals due to another surf sc being discovered.
Hello KZ’ers,

We’re excited to announce a new part of the KZTimer Global infrastructure - demo reviews! For those of you with 1.6 history, this will be very familiar to you.

We have created an early version of a demo review tool that allows us to look at the replay bot records that are saved by KZTimer and check them for data that is consistent with cheating. Global times must still be performed on globally whitelisted servers, but we will now have an extra tool in place to verify them. Our freshly-minted demo team that will handle the demo reviews consists of Klyve, Chuckles, Funk, Plekz and Zpamm. The team has a breadth of experience that includes plugin development, mouse detecting, 1.6 experience and general KZ experience.

We welcome any server owners to submit their demos to us so that we can check for cheaters. While we learn how to recognize different cheated behavior, every additional demo that is sent to us will help. If you are suspicious of a player or run, get in touch with the server owner and ask them to send us the demo file.

Using this tool, we have already been successful in identifying our first suspects. There is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a player with a number of top 20 times has used injected cheats on multiple runs - including a global pro record. As a result, he is now banned from KZTimer and all of his records have been removed.

We see this new tool as a great refinement to CS:GO KZ and we will continually strive to improve the KZ experience for all users going forward.

Thank you,
KZ-Timer Team
So, as some of you may have noticed, the global database took a hit.
Someone with access to the database decided to delete all the times. This triggered an auto restore from the server to a point at the end of April.
Let me note that all global records have been restored, however top 20 times and bans from the past 6 days were lost. If anything is out of order please contact one of the database admins and they will fix it.

Going forward, we have made sure this wont happen again. A security threat still exists and solving this will render all servers without global access until applied for again. At this point in time, we are looking for other solutions. More information to come.

Sincerely Klyve