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For the second ROTW it features @linus, he retook his kz_ancient_v3 throne after a small battle with cl1p.

Player: @linus
Map: kz_ancient_v3
Time: 1:35.13
Editor: @kris


Re-enabled and Times Transferred
*Thanks @Masque for fixing

Updated mapcycle.txt
Welcome to the first ever ROTW video for CSGO KZ. Thanks to everyone that made this possible: Xtreme-Jumps for the idea of ROTW, @ollyabc for taking the initative to ask Kenneth for details, @.Sikari^ =D for putting in time to get the first video out, @Sachburger for organizing, and last but definitely not least @PlastiS for doing the first ROTW edit on this channel.

Player: @Sachburger
Map: kz_2seasons_spring_fix
Time: 4:45.25
Editor: @PlastiS

Now going into how this YouTube channel will function and what goal it serves. The simple goal of this channel is to be a community hub for all things related to global kz. This means it will feature:
  1. Global Records
  2. Map Showcases
  3. Tutorials Related to KZtimer
Within these categories there are different ways to go about things. For global records this is where most of the videos will come from. There will be two different types of uploads regular WR uploads as seen by kz_verv3_gg video done by @.Sikari^ =D, and a featured run done in a ROTW style. To explain these further the regular WR uploads can be simply any 128tick WR, with preference to PRO runs. There may be exceptions for TP global records, as an example a death tier map run may have a more impressive TP run.

These videos still need to adhere to a certain standard, POV demos are 100% the best way to create videos. Bot replays should be avoided as they are often very buggy, some exceptions may apply. A live recording may be used as long as there is minimal HUD, please no netgraph or cl_showpos and ideally no menu for pro runs; this is an example of an acceptable live recording.

For ROTW it is up to the editor what their standards for a video is but there should be a heavier focus of quality and effort put into the video. Most editors prefer POV demos sent to them with the demo_gototick that the run starts at. Now ROTW’s aren’t necessarily every week as it simply may not be possible due to record activity or lack of time from editors but we hope to make them on a fairly consistent level. If you get a demo or run that you think is ROTW quality, please communicate it with me (@Sachburger) so that we don’t have multiple people trying to get ROTW independently. Let us know (in the above poll) if this should be continued or if we should just maintain consistent standards across all uploaded runs and let different editors make videos the way they want.

For map showcases it is simply a video focused on a new or an older map with exceptional aesthetics. This can be done through a fly-through of the map or a nice smooth run as seen in @DanZay previously done showcases.

Lastly this channel is completely community driven. So anyone is free to create videos, when uploading or releasing the video I will simply be checking for quality standards. If you want to create videos for the community get in touch with me.

TL;DR: Community driven youtube that features WR runs, map showcases and kz tutorials. Anyone can create videos with a preference for POV demo recorded runs. Let us know in the poll above if ROTW series should continue or if you think featuring a specific run is not worth it.
  • kz_2seasons_winter_fix
    • Also as a note if you think we misjudged a map, feel free to make a thread here stating why. Your explanation must be more detailed than “I like it, should be global”.
  • kz_420b
  • kz_panda
  • kz_sugar_dreamland
Disabled Due to CJ Bhop SC
  • kz_alice_final_v3
  • kz_ascend
  • kz_bluehop_mq
  • kz_goodluck_mq
  • kz_jg_ditch
  • kz_orangejuice_fix
Updated mapcycle.txt
If you wanted new maps this release isn't for you...

Removed Maps
  • kz_adrenaline - removing since it's an old version of map
  • kz_pianoclimb_go - removing for bind bhop skip at end of map
  • kz_tryit_v2 - has jumps that the blocks move based off player contact making it unplayable on large servers, also is a stolen map (xc_croak on css)
Updated mapcycle.txt

Nominations for Map Removals
These maps will be removed unless the community provides a legitimate reason to keep them in the pool:
  • kz_420b: low quality lighting, low quality gameplay, no competition in top times happening on this map
  • kz_panda: appears unfinished, abundant amount of perfs for such a short map, low amounts of competition
  • kz_sugar_dreamland: awful gameplay, bad texturing, no competition on this map
The community can also nominate maps to be removed. If there is a significant desire to remove a map, the map approval team will then review it.
Hey! The latest changes to the site are:
  • You can toggle viewing latest top 20 times instead of #1 times AT the bottom of the latest records panel
  • Global record should now properly ignore maps that aren't activated for globals
  • Search on the "Maps" section is now case-insensitive
  • New map pictures, thanks to Sachburger for those!
Also I tried to tackle a bug that has been causing global record history to not be properly saved in some occasions. If it still appears to be broken on new records that are set after this update (you can't see the green improvement numbers on new global records even though there was a previously set record for the map) please let me know.

Posted on behalf of @so0le
New Approvals
  • kz_bhop_essence, port by burny, Hard difficulty
  • kz_void by Finckleton, Medium difficulty
Fixed Approvals
  • kz_2seasons_spring_fix, fixed by Lillen (New times)
  • kz_after_agitation_easy_fix, fixed by Lillen (times transferred)
  • kz_ziggurath_final, fixed by burny (New times)
Approved Map


I have also removed globals from kz_zxp_interstellar (custom entity issue) and kz_ziggurath_fix (end timer is not reliable) as neither are kztimer friendly currently. If they are fixed or a solution is found they may be re-approved. This was previously announced on the kztimer group and all parties involved are aware of the issues.
Please update to the latest kztimer:

Forced autobhop and clamp_velocities to be 0
Removed the ability to pause mid air.
Due to the recent CSGO update and introduction of sv_autobunnyhopping there has been an introduction of a new kz exploit. We originally thought that macrodox/anticheat would simply catch the autohoppers but recently a server and some KZers found a way around that. So unfortunately Global Records will be disabled until the next kztimer update coming next week.

Thanks for understanding.