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Hello KZers!

I’m happy to bring you exciting news about KZTimerGlobal development - a new developer to the team and regular releases to the plugin!

New KZTimerGlobal Developer:
First off, please welcome Sikari as a new developer for KZTimerGlobal. Most of you already know Sikari from his contributions to the KZ community: making KZ videos, discovering bugs in KZTimer and being an admin on HoC. As a developer, he has already made a huge impact by being the primary coder for the 1.86 KZTimerGlobal release.

New Development Process:
But Sikari’s addition to the team isn’t the only change in KZTimerGlobal development - we have also implemented a new software process - scrum. This software process will enable us to have more regular release versions for the plugin and speed up development time.

With this new process, our goal will be public releases every 3 weeks. The Global Team has identified a collection of bugs and new features that we’d like to accomplish, known as a backlog. Every two weeks, a selection of these items is chosen to be included in the next release. We encourage you to submit to us any new bugs via the github account so that we can add them to our backlog. Our first release under this system is version 1.86.

New KZTimerGlobal Version: 1.86
  • Changed crouch exhaustion to mimic pre-patch crouch exhaustion (thanks Sup3rlum and DanZay)
  • Fixed pre-strafe breaking on certain angles
  • Added jump impulse to settings enforcer
  • Added many new translations, including menus and command outputs
  • Added Sikari's Dev tag and Zach47's Global Admin tag
  • Fixed bugs with pausing mid-air
  • Added delay between pausing to prevent pause spamming
  • Fixed a bug where you could end the timer with a negative timer
  • Fixed a bug with spectator mode
  • Added more information into bots
  • Fixed a bug where kz_woodstonegrass_final would fail to be global

Installation instructions
This release does not currently appear on the github, but it will be there shortly. In the meantime, we have created two .zip files for installation: an upgrade from 1.85_1 and a new installation.

Upgrade: 1.85_1 to
Full Install: Install

Source code is available at or

Note: Servers using 1.85_1 will remain Global until 2/27/2017, at which point only 1.86 servers will be Global.
Global times for xc_karo4_global will be wiped on 2/27 as well, due to most records pausing in mid-air.

Next Version: 1.87
We have already begun work on the next version release - 1.87. In this release we expect to complete the following items:
  • Test sending times to the Twohlix API
  • Invalidate global record if player leaves and comes back, but bot doesn't save
  • Fix bug that can occur with spectators (exploit: details private)
  • Disable Macrodox while paused
  • Fix a known Macrodox bug (details private)
  • Investigate: global records don't save server info properly to the global database
  • Create system to send chat notifications to all users
  • Add fixed cleaner to release

We look forward to continuing to improve the development process and to be more engaging with the community as we move forward. We thank you for your patience as we get more familiar with this new process and ramp up towards a more agile development process for KZTimerGlobal. As always, any feedback you have is appreciated, and we’re always looking for more developers to help out :)

Thank you,
Chuckles and the KZGlobalTeam
These maps are being removed due to a variety of reasons that the map testing team and I formed a consensus on in order to bring the current map pool more in line with current mapping standards. These maps are extreme cases of low quality design, optimisation and poor gameplay that often resulted in lower playtime in a map, and in some cases the map became unplayable for players. I will quickly outline what each map’s extreme issue was:
  • Kz_alouette – invisible walls, TP zones misaligned, poor design
  • Kz_caverns_deep_go – wall SC, poor design
  • Kz_farm – bind skip, optimisation, bad design
  • Kz_jumpspace_easy – bad texturing, bad design
  • Kz_motivated – bad texturing, bad gameplay
  • Kz_nuckfoobs_n01 – bad optimisation, poor design
  • Kz_portal_1 – bad optimisation
  • Kz_rise – bad optimisation, poor gameplay
  • Kz_teh – unfinished map
  • Kz_village_lp – poor design and TP placement
  • Kz_zeta_z3 – poor design, optimisation, gameplay
Any mapper involved with these maps can feel free to adjust their map and re-release the map if desired. The map will be re-tested in these cases.

Updated mapcycle.txt

The console command for hosting a workshop map is:

host_workshop_map <file id>


+host_workshop_map <file id> in the launch options of a server

I've also started maintaining the global approved maps on mega, so if you are missing a map maybe check that out if you can't find on workshop.
The Overwatch pro Denial zza graces us with his presence. On a fairly inactive map within top times zza returns with a significant improvement over the number 2 time from Agi0.

Players: zza
Map: kz_minimountain
Time: 58.41
Editor: @Sikari

Hey everyone,

For our second interview, I spoke to the second winner of the KZ Tournament that I produced last Saturday (2/11/2017), @rifk. I asked him about his experiences with KZ, his beginnings, and what he intends to do with his winnings. I hope you enjoy it!

Zach47: Hey rifk, could you tell me a little about yourself?
rifk: My name's Bryn, however I go by the alias rifk online; I'm 16, a Libra and i enjoy long walks on the beach and cuddling at night. I'm from Kent, England and I'm a passionate GBT.

Zach47: When did you start KZing? What made you start? What made you stay?
rifk: I started playing KZ in late 2013 on 1Nut's KZTimer. I first started playing for fun due to seeing videos of a famous KZer @blasdfa online, the speed and precision was fascinating to me. I remained playing KZ due to the warm and welcoming community as well as the rivalry that stood between players.

Zach47: When you started, was there anyone you looked up to as inspiration?
rifk: When I first started KZ in 2013 I definitely looked up to @blasdfa and sLowi. They would join any server and so easily smash the map’s record.

Zach47: So, it’s been a few days since you won the KZ tournament. How do you feel?
rifk: Honestly I never expected to win in the first place, so I'm still in astonishment that I even made it to the finals, let alone that I'd won the tournament. Although, I'd have to say I could've never done it without Chokeburger (@Sachburger) and the support of chat.

Zach47: What made you want to enter?
rifk: Genuinely, I first entered for the fun of it. I hadn’t even thought of the money surprisingly. I never had expectations to win so the thought had never crossed my mind that I'd be using my parents PayPal account to claim the prize; however, as I progressed through the group stages, I realized how close I was to winning any amount of money, so I started taking it more seriously.

Zach47: Would you enter again if the maps were different? What would you change about the tournament?
rifk: I'm planning to enter next even if the maps aren't to my liking as it was simply fun and enjoyable, although I do feel as if some of the maps were obviously played more than others. Next tournament, I'd preferably like to see that the number of maps that are to be played are increased alongside the amount of vetoes so that the viewers can enjoy a wider range of maps being played instead of watching players duke it out on the same map every round.

Zach47: Who do you want to see play in the next tournament?
rifk: In the next tournament, I'd especially like to see some better players such as Linus and Pizza alongside 2014 Zane.

Zach47: So, moving away from the tournament, How would you rank yourself in comparison to the rest of the KZers in our community? Do you see yourself as one of the best? Average? Etc…
rifk: Despite my hours, I have a low number of achievements thus I'd rank myself pretty low on the spectrum of what is classed as a professional player. As of right now, I'd say the best players out there are @linus, zza, and @cL1p. They seem to exceed other players with little effort and that impresses me greatly.

Zach47: What, in your opinion, is the most impressive global record? Have you yourself tried to attain it?
rifk: The most impressive record in my opinion is kz_natureblock_go. I’ve surely spent 500hrs on that map to no avail, which is why I’m certain that it is currently the hardest map to beat. It’s been almost completely optimized.

Zach47: Do you play anything else other than KZ? Do you play any other games?
rifk: Other than KZ, I frequently play more casual games like Rocket League or Brawlhalla with friends.

Zach47: Thank you for answering my questions. I hope to see more of you in KZ.
rifk: Thank you. For my final words, I'd first like to shout out to anyone who supported me throughout the tournament despite my unexpected victory. Secondly, I'd like to shout to 2014 Zane although he isn't here with us now he's in my heart. Honestly I'm shaking. I'm fucking shaking. I never wanted to KZ with anyone more than I want to with 2014 Zane. Those perfect, jerky strafes. Those bountiful bhops. The 1800 dpi sens of a literal goddess. It honestly fucking hurts knowing that I'll never KZ with him, passing my apricity knowledge through him, and have him get both the pro and tp world records. For my third shoutout, I'd like to shoutout to my GB brethren we pushed through the hate and we're no longer GBT. If you'd like, follow me on twitch.

If you'd like to know more about @rifk, visit the links below.

If you want to know more about the KZ Tournament that @rifk won, see this thread.
If you'd like to know when the next KZ Tournament will be, follow me on my twitch and keep and eye out here on the KZ-Climb forums.

Thank you, Zach47
Hey! Figured it would be nice to feature a versus run on a map in this months KZ tournament. Hope to see everyone watching later today on Zach's channel (about 5.5 hours from time of post). Hopefully we will see some close races and good runs like this one.

Players: @EphNey and @linus
Map: kz_phamous
Editor: @Zach47

Glad to see some new people recording demos, editing and submitting to kz-climb. Nice to get some more variation!

Player: @Fr0ggy
Map: kz_experiment
Time: 01:19.75
Video Produced by: @Gull.

I would like to announce the ability to submit kz videos / runs to the community youtube channel. There are three different forms of submission:
  1. a POV demo (.dem) of the WR run
  2. a (minimally laggy) replay bot (.rec) from the server
  3. A community submission for a video
For those that plan to make own videos I plan to create a new youtube playlist on the channel to allow more freedom. But I'll also include the kz-climb YT templates if you would like to maintain consistency with the rest of the videos. Consistency is particularly important for featured series such as ROTW.

"How do I submit?"
An e-mail will be sent to: with the subject of the email including "Community Submission"

Within the e-mail you will include the file or a link to a download of the file (.dem, .rec, or a rendered video for yt). And then follow this template:
  • Name of runner
  • Map
  • Time
  • Type
  • Link to kzstats page for that map
  • demo_gototick (if a .dem file this is greatly appreciated)
  • name of song (if edited video)
  • Editor and youtube channel link if desired (if edited video)
I hope to see more submissions to the community channel. With this ability to submit demos, bots and edited videos it opens the channel up to a larger population beyond just the KZers themselves (server owners with bots and video editors such as @Gull.). Please note submissions can also be Map Showcases or any other KZ related videos if wanted.

ROTW #10

Some people in last week's comments really wanted to see the kz_caulis_v2 run so I figured it was best to feature the improved time by @ruben (would've been ROTW regardless).

Player: @ruben
Map: kz_caulis_v2
Time: 02:36.02
Editor: @PlastiS

First I’d like to welcome @Lillen to the map testing team! I’d also like to remind people that you can not have alpha or beta as part of the name of a map, I’ve updated this thread to reflect this note. Thank you! If there are any issues it is easiest to contact me on steam or discord. I'll be watching the major but still be able to fix any issues (hopefully).

  • Kz_dontstop – community poll decided we didn’t want to see this kind of exploit in global maps

Updated mapcycle.txt

The console command for hosting a workshop map is:

host_workshop_map <file id>


+host_workshop_map <file id> in the launch options of a server

I've also started maintaining the global approved maps on mega, so if you are missing a map maybe check that out if you can't find on workshop.
Player: @EphNey
Map: kz_symbiosis_final
Time: 01:20.33
Editor: @PlastiS

The first KZ Tournament I held reached 286 viewers, a prize pool of $212, and ended with @burhác beating @kohze in a 3-2 Grand Finals. It was well-received. To see the entire 1st KZ monthly tournament, you can watch the playlist here.

So, lets host a second one.

This is the second monthly* KZ tournament that I will be hosting. It will be hosted on my twitch with the current casters as myself and @Zpamm. The servers have been provided by House of Climb, and funding has been supported by the community!

The time planned for this tournament is Saturday, February 11th, 2017, at 1pm CST, on twitch
It will be best of 3 until the grand finals, which will be best of 5.

If you want to participate as a player or would like to apply as a fill in, please sign up here. Tournament has completed.

For those who want to see who has signed up, view the spreadsheet here.

The maps for the tournament will be

Each player gets 2 vetoes. In the grand finals, each player gets 1 veto.

This will be a 1v1 !challenge pro run.
First person to reach the end timer with an active timer wins.
If you noclip or teleport to the timer, you will forfeit that map to the other player.

Current Prize Pool for all tournaments: $720

Current Prize Pool for THIS tournament: $360
1st Place: 70%
2nd Place: 20%
10% Left over for fees + funding for next tournament.

If you'd like to help fund this and future tournaments, please donate here or go to my twitch and donate below.