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1.87 Beta Test Servers:

Within this update we have implemented a bind fix, to make in-game lj bind nullified during runs. Meaning you no longer get the increased height while using the LJ alias of “+duck; +jump”. This bind is still available to use while map timer is not active to allow for jumpstatters to continue using it.

The extra height is removed by nullifying tick perfect crouch jumps (CJ). To obtain a successful CJ (increased jump height by up to 2 units) there is a small window before jumping that a crouch can be done. Runners that currently do CJ no-ducks and crouch jumps greater than 64 units already use this timing window to perform successful CJs.

False positives are entirely possible but are most likely to go unnoticed as you will still get the same height as if you crouched 1 tick after your jump command (standing 55 height). As a runner and a #fuckthebind enthusiast I honestly already performed my crouches purposefully before the jump command to make my CJ no-duck combos as consistently as possible. Just by principle hitting that timing window before jumping (it is several ticks) is more accurate and consistent than going for that exact same tick as jumping.

You can see how this bind fix works in practice below:

The rest of the changelog can be seen below:
  • Added an IPCheck for Global bans & Reviews
  • Added a small delay to team joining (0.75s)
  • Added a small delay to pausing after joining a team (0.1s)
  • Added a small delay to unpausing after pausing (0.4s) to prevent unintentionally unpausing while trying to pause
  • Added an error sound for pausing mid-air & pause delay
  • Fixed booster exploit
  • Coloured pause delay & pausing mid-air messages
  • Fixed an issue where if you finished paused, the pause time would get added to final time
  • Fixed an issue where global records would still count after reconnecting
  • Fixed a macrodox bug
  • Added a command to check map's difficulty (!tier), Also a help page (!tierhelp). Tier info chat messages are disableable through kzadmin or cvar kz_tier_messages
  • !mapinfo now functions as !tier does
@Cobrex is a veteran of the 1.6 kreedz community, XJ, in which he started an active role back in 2009. He became a prominent moviemaker & mapper, eventually creating his well known video "Kreedz The Movie" in 2013.

But very recently he came over to CSGO kz to give it a shot and was particularly impressed with the aesthetics of some CSGO maps. For his first video @Cobrex chose to edit a run done on kz_moonlight due to the exceptional mapping from Jurkelis(@banananosis ), "for creating such a masterpiece".

I hope to see him stick around for more great videos. You can find some of his previous work on youtube.
The global rules can be seen here.

Exploiting kztimer to improve times is a bannable offense but since this exploit was more recently found I have warned @GiimPyS ツ for the times obtained on conrun_mq and _scrub, these have now been deleted.

In the future if you know about an exploited time or a glitched time from kztimer please report it on discord.

Please note we are always trying to mitigate these issues through development or other means.


So I have disabled globals on all effected maps by the exploit. If you know of any others that could be exploited let us know.

Removed from Globals Temporarily
  • bkz_hellokitty_v2
  • bkz_uninspired_trash
  • kz_bhop_skyworld_go
  • kz_communityjump3
  • kz_conrun_mq
  • kz_conrun_scrub
  • kz_neon_portal
  • kz_zhop_freestyle
  • kz_zhop_function3
  • kz_ziggurath_final
  • kz_zxp_final4
@DanZay and @Sikari have found a fix for the TP exploit so in the best interest of maintaining integrity of top times I have decided to de-global these maps until KZtimer is updated.

Reason I didn't want to before is because I didn't want to remove maps for an indefinite amount of time for something that didn't effect the more sought after record of Pro.
@EphNey channelled his inner *clicks* to get this one and now joins the "faster than skodna club" with @linus

Map: kz_gurk
Time: 00:31.44

Editor: @PlastiS
Song: Lil Yachty - 1 Night (INSTRUMENTAL)

Also @PlastiS has taken it upon himself to manage a kzclimb twitter account to give the youtube videos more exposure, give it a follow if that is something you'd enjoy.

And as always don't forget to send your demos/recordings to <3
@Zach47 discovered GOTV is possible through hacking the mainframe and digesting the h264 encoder to allow for bspencoding. By doing this, it allows GOTV to work on servers. This is fact.

Enough alternative facts... @Zach47 discovered his GOTV autorecordings from a previous KZ tourney were successfully recorded and non-corrupt demos with the help of @Chuckles . It was previously thought that GOTV and KZTimer were incompatible. GOTV demos allow for the most flexibility with moviemaking as campaths can be done alongside the actual run to create more interesting edits. Furthermore, GOTV demos are not affected by latency like POV demos are.

I’d recommend larger, public servers to not enable GOTV recordings as it does come with the drawback of not working alongside Pro replay bots (@Sikari is working on this, i believe) but the bot recordings are still maintained to allow for demo checking. POV demos are still better in large servers as it maintains the client commands such as “!hide”. However, enabling the GOTV recordings is ideal for small, private and tournament servers.

Here is an example of what can be done with GOTV:

Here's how to use GOTV for your KZ Server.

In your server.cfg, copy and paste these commands:

//GOTV Recordings

tv_enable 1
tv_snapshotrate 128
tv_autorecord 1
tv_maxclients 0
Bot_kick (have to do this on start of the maps, if you want to keep player models to a minimum)

Then, in KZTimerGlobal.txt, replace the default value of kz_player_transparency 80 to:
kz_player_transparency "255"

Then once in-game, you can use:
!rcon tv_status
or in console:
rcon tv_status

If it says "GOTV[0] is offline", then it's not working.

If it says it's recording and starts with "autoXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX" then the autorecording is working.

If you want to stop a recording, type:

If you want to manually record a demo, type:
tv_record [FileName]

To explain what they do:
tv_enable turns on GOTV.
tv_snapshotrate sets the tickrate of the GOTV demo. 128 = 128 tick demo.
tv_autorecord sets your server to autorecord whenever there is somebody in the server.
tv_maxclients sets the number of people who can watch the GOTV. In a LAN server, this won't matter.
bot_kick kick_bot.
kz_player_transparency sets the visibility of the player and bots. 255 = Fully Visible.
80 = Default Visibility. 0 = Invisible.
tv_status checks if GOTV is working.
tv_stoprecord stops recording.
tv_record [FileName] manually records a GOTV demo.
We got a nutty run here from one of the more questionable player names of @mistersisterfister but regardless its a great run. He topped the next best run by over 3 seconds making this run quite impressive. The combination of routing and a variety of skills helped make that improve possible. ENJOY!

Player: @mistersisterfister
Map: kz_module
Time: 00:59.71
Type: Pro

Video Produced by: Sachburger
Music used: Two Feet - Quick Musical Doodles
New tier system has been implemented on the global DB. Sikari plans to create a way for the plugin to read the new tiers for a “!tier” command or similar. I’ve also included a spreadsheet with the current global maps and what tiers they are for any server owner that plans to separate maps based on tier or some sort of nomination system.


  • Kz_moonlight, tier 3 climb map by Jurkelis
  • Kz_sqrdsucks, tier 2 climb map by krushed
  • Kz_stranded, tier 4 tech map with a focus on ladders and surfs by Nykan and coach
  • Kz_talmaniac, tier 3 hybrid map with all sorts of elements in several stages by aredone and gamechaos
Updated – times not transferrable
Removed – these can be fixed and reapproved
  • Kz_life: issue with .nav / bots that makes it unplayable on servers
  • Kz_pollution: bind skip and movable prop that can block runs

Updated mapcycle.txt
Global KZ Maps

The console command for hosting a workshop map is:
host_workshop_map <file id>
+host_workshop_map <file id> in the launch options of a server

Let me know if there are any issues with the release. Easiest way to get a hold of me is through steam or discord.
*click* (also stole my ST USP torque...)

Map: kz_serenity
Time: 00:58.40
Type: Pro
Video Produced by: @PlastiS

With this map getting new tech/skips recently it was pretty impressive how fast and how many people played it after learning them. Plastis came out on top with a fairly clean run and also the first time the pro run was faster than the TP run from what I recall. This combined with the nice aesthetics of the map it was chosen for ROTW.

Player: @PlastiS
Map: kz_cascade_v3
Time: 04:40.14
Type: Pro
Video Produced by: @PlastiS

I'd also like to shoutout other great runs from the week:

Linus on kz_brickblock_v2
Froggy on kz_de_bhop
b0utamine on kz_basics_b02
f1r on kz_stuff_final

Also don't forget to send recordings to :^)
I'd like to share an exciting announcement that I'll now be hosting map files on a server provided by @balon from TangoWorldWide. Huge props to him for setting it up and teaching me how to update it easily. This can hopefully lead to further automation within maintaining global map pool and reduce the amount of manual input it takes to update globally approved maps.

This can be found here: Global KZ Maps

It is planned to continue working on this to make it more user friendly and appealing.

I will continue to host on Mega as well as it automatically syncs with my Maps folder.

All of these updates simply fix skips that weren't used yet in runs except for kim_hana but this was updated with the consent of @Gwooky the runner that performed the skip in a top run.


Updated mapcycle.txt

The console command for hosting a workshop map is:

host_workshop_map <file id>


+host_workshop_map <file id> in the launch options of a server