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Hey everyone,

Unlike the last three videos, this will be an actual run the of "week". Plastis produced this video and messaged me privately wondering about the music
Now, I think the music is fine. It's rather infectious. But if you have an opinion, please do make sure to tag @PlastiS and let him know that you either like or dislike jaden smith and his music.

Here's the video:

Hey everyone,

Due to the lack of demos being uploaded, there hasn't been any videos being produced. If you want that to change, I encourage you to submit demos to

Break's kz_pineforest run is just slightly faster than linus' time, but still not enough to be the sub-2 minute goal. Hopefully in the future we'll see it happen. Enjoy.

Thanks, Zach47
Hello KZers,

The KZTimerGlobal Dev team has been working on a replacement for the existing global database in KZTimer. The new replacement is a web API that can be reached via http, making it available to plugins, browsers, mobile apps, and any web-enabled devices.

Main features:
  • Support for all movement-based game modes
  • Global Jumpstats
  • More robust and easier to maintain global record system
  • Allows anyone to request an API key and read from the global DB
Potential future uses:
  • Global ranks and tags
  • Showing player improvement
  • Save settings across servers
We welcome any feedback on the API or its potential uses.


A beta of the API and the sourcemod plugin that uses it are currently deployed across multiple servers. These servers are sending KZTimer times (both pro and tp), ownage jumpstats and godlike PB jumpstats to the API. The following servers are currently running the beta API:
  • All House of Climb KZTimer servers
  • Super Fun Climb Club | GLOBAL | KZTIMER | 24/7 (steam://connect/
  • [KG] KZ Climb | !ws !knife | (steam://connect/
  • [GSA] KREEDZ EUROPE [KZ Climb|Global|Timer|128tick|FastDL] (steam://connect/
  • [GSA] KREEDZ EUROPE VIP [KZ Climb|Global|Timer|128tick|FastDL] (steam://connect/

As an example, Zach47 has created a toplist for jumpstats using the jumpstat data collected in the beta API:

We are monitoring the API’s health and will reconfigure to support higher loads in the future. Once the next stable version is ready, we’ll be able to add more servers to the beta. As this is a beta, data may be wiped on release and the plugin and API are subject to change.

The Future:

Over the upcoming months we’ll be working hard on the goals listed below:
  1. Continue to develop and improve the API
  2. Reconfigure KZTimerGlobal plugin to use API
  3. Work together with so0le to update
  4. Create a website similar to KZStats to hold the new data
  5. Look at integrating other plugins into API (SimpleKZ, CKSurf, InfTimer )
  6. ??
  7. Profit
If you have any ideas or want to help, please let us know!

Thank you,
Chuckles and the Global Team
Hey everyone,

As you can tell from the title, DanZay has become the newest member of the development team for KZTimer. He’s made videos, streamed gameplay, tested maps, made maps, and is now becoming part of the development process. His most notable work is his separate KZ plugin called SimpleKZ.

With the addition of DanZay to the global team, we are looking towards future improvement in KZ and it's coming features and updates.

DanZay’s programming talents and KZ knowledge will be pivotal on a number of exciting upcoming projects that we have planned. Stay tuned for more details soon!

The Global Team now consists of the following members:

  • Developer
  • Developer
  • Developer
  • Tournament Planning & Scheduling
  • Leading the Map Testing Team
  • Ban Management
The following people are supporting in supporting roles:
  • Funk
  • Klyve
  • So0le
  • Sachburger

Thank you,
Sikari and the Global Team
Hey everyone,

I made this video specifically because Shard asked me to make it. It's not my intention to take over the KZ-Climb Youtube channel. If someone wants to become a video editor for KZ-Climb/KZTimer, leave a message or pm me your work.

Shard's run is 12 seconds faster than b0utamine's run as of June 11th, 2017, which is rather impressive on a map that's been around as long as this one. Enjoy.

Thanks, Zach47
Hey everyone,

As some of you may know about through the KZ Discord, I recently went through and rejected or approved the remaining maps that were stuck in limbo. The maps rejected do have the opportunity to resubmit if they'd like. However, there is a question that I need answered by the community: "Who does map testing?"

Currently, the map testing team consists of @Lillen and @Krushed. I myself was a part of the map testing team before I started taking on administrative roles. Now, having only two map testers makes it difficult to have a majority vote for a map to be approved. Rather, it's either they're both for it or it gets rejected.

So, a solution that I'm wanting from the community is for those interested in being a part of the map testing team to apply. If you have experience map testing, have made maps yourself, or have a way of showing your knowledge and interest in KZ Map testing, please follow the example submission below:

Steam ID/Steam Profile: STEAM_0:1:11374239
Discord Name: ijust#0316
Experience: Served multiple months on the Map testing team, approved/rejected multiple maps. Have helped mappers with issues with Hammer. Worked with Hammer in Source and Global Offensive.
Other: I've been playing KZ for almost 3 years with multiple global records, so I believe I know how to judge maps fairly.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please apply below.

Thanks, Zach47
Hey everyone,

There's plan to be a tournament soon (hopefully late June). It will be in SimpleKZ rather than KZTimer, but this will be discussed later when we get a full announcement.

This is a call to anyone who wants to help or participate in tournament production.

If you'd like to be a:
Caster (Like Zpamm or Finckelton in the last tournaments)
Twitch Moderator (To help explain KZ during the tournament)
Production Assistant (Help with running the actual tournament. Server management, twitch editor, etc...)
Individual Player Streamer (As in, you would stream whoever X is in the 1v1. This is for those interested in watching just a single player)
Designer (Overlays, images, logos)

then leave a response below. Message me on steam if you have any questions.

Some requirements:
Caster - Fluent English. Able to talk to a large crowd (Last tournament reached 1300 viewers). Advanced knowledge of KZ + maps + history.
Twitch Moderator - Basic knowledge of Twitch.
Production Assistant - Advanced knowledge of Twitch (how twitch editor works, how to use rcon/sourcemod control for a server)

If you have questions, let me know.
Thank you.

Edit: I've edited the Caster requirement to what I'm looking for.
A classic map for this weeks ROTW, last week as everyone saw was kind of a wash due to overall inactivity on kzstats. Shoutout to @kohze for beating one of the longer standing records on one of the oldest maps in kz history.

Thanks @PlastiS for doing the video.

This posting will be my last posting as an active member of the global team and video team. As some may know I've decided to step down from my current position, due to a variety of reasons. First and foremost is just lack of motivation. I simply have been volunteering my time and energy to this community as a passion project since I have been in the CSGO kz community from nearly the beginning I gave back in the best ways I could. But now I find myself not caring for kz as neither a player or a community member and to me, I can't justify putting the time and effort to maintain the expectations I set for myself.

When I started in the global team I joined because I found there was a void in the community and the regression of the community as a whole. I made it my goal to get kz to a place better than I found it and I hope I did just that. I encourage anyone with a passion for kz to give back (kz-climb youtube or global team) because without this community I wouldn't have met many people that I consider as friends today.

Good luck in the future fellow OSsloth's you may still see me around, just in a less official capacity. <3

-Sachburger "cashburger"
Sorry for the delay but real life got in the way.

Congrats to @Carrier for his first Pro global on such a hard map. He beat the previous record held by @eightbo for nearly a year. I know he put time and effort into running this map and even a few chokes, including this run ;) he had to pause a few times to calm down his shakes (I tried to edit them out). Anyways, now everyone can enjoy a lovely combination of Carrier strafes, slight demo desync, pauses and chokes that ultimately ended up with a global time.

Send your records to
@Orbit here (not clickbit) with a fairly clean run on a long and strafe heavy map. He beat the previous time by just over 2 minutes. It is always nice to have variation of featured runs as the only other submitted demo to me was Linus on kz_ext_bblocks, a map we already had a vid on the channel for. In the end, it is a nice run on a good looking map... enjoy!

Honourable Mentions
@mistersisterfister improving a former ROTW on trashsurf
@Ivan (i think thats the right one) taking back module
@nykaN getting that sub 50 on kz_gfy_final
@EphNey clicking on gurk
@Fr0ggy hopping on watertemple
@linus just doing linus things
@b0utamine on exoteric (what i personally wanted as ROTW but no good recording, cry everytime)