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20 Staff Application


1. Community Manager (this position is no longer open)

The Community Manager is responsible for the entire KZTimer and community. Its job includes advocating, updating and managing the Steam Group, updating the KZTimer Official Maplist Steam Group and mapcycle.txt, posting prompt and relevant announcements, managing the global database, and managing all other staff members. This is the top position, as well as the most crucial one.
  • Applicants must have experience in leadership position within communities or organizations.
  • The Community Manager must act mature in all contexts.

2. Server Administrator

The job of the Server Administrator is to enforce and advocate the rules of They must be able to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere while still enforcing the rules. Server Administrators should be helpful to all members, and represent us in a positive light.

  • Applicants must be extremely active and play on a daily basis.
  • Applicants must be at least REGULAR rank.
  • Server Administrators must follow the Server Rules without fail.
  • Server Administrators must act calm at all times, and make rational decisions.

3. Video Editor

The video editor is in charge of recording, editing, and posting KZ related videos to the YouTube Channel.

  • Applicants must demonstrate knowledge in video editing.
  • Applicants must be able to record in 60fps and 1080p.

4. Writer

The writer's job is to write articles about KZ. It can be about any topic as long as it is relevant to KZ. This includes interviews, writing about the history of KZ, current events, trick-jumps that you can use in competitive, etc.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English, and must demonstrate strong writing skills.

5. KZTimer Official Map Approvers - Send applications to @Gargos

KZTimer Official Map Approvers will playtest and give feedback to every single new KZ-related map as they are released. They judge the map on a variety of factors and vote on whether the map should be approved for global or not. Map Testers must write detailed feedback for every single map they judge.
  • Applicants must have a deep background in KZ. Server owners, mappers, and veteran players are prioritized for this position.
  • Applicants must be testing maps and providing feedback on ALL pending maps and challenges that they have not yet given feedback on at least once a week.

6. KZTimer Beta Tester

KZTimer Beta Tester will test the latest development versions of KZTimer. Beta testers are required to report any bugs, malfunctions, or exploits found. They are also asked to give feedback on the direction of KZTimer and its features.
  • Applicants must have a deep background in KZ. Server owners, mappers, and veteran players are prioritized for this position.


Application - Please send a private message to me with the following content. The title of the private message should be "Application for <Position>".

[Name] - Kenneth
[Age] - 21
[SteamCommunity Profile] -
[Region] - US West / US East / Europe / Australia, etc.
[Active Times] - 6PM to 9PM PST (please include time zone).
[Why choose me over other applicants?]

Thank you for your interest in helping!
The movement velocity of players while on ladder has been decreased due to Patch This change negatively impacts KZ, and makes many ladder-related jumps impossible. The change affects ladder strafing, ladder fast-climb, and ladder air jumps. It is roughly estimated that approximately 40% of the maps in KZ is impacted by this change. It is also important to note that even if a ladder related jump is still possible, the Global Records for the map will still be affected.

It is speculated that this change is intentional rather than an oversight by Valve. This is because they introdued the sv_ladder_scale_speed (0.75 by default). As a temporary fix, please add sm_cvar sv_ladder_scale_speed 1 to your server.cfg or any other config file.

Use this thread for discussion about the issue.

You can show your appreciation to the developer of KZTimer by donating here.

KZTimer Global v1.75 has finally been released! It features the highly anticipated Official Maplist that will improve the quality of KZ and reinvigorate the competitive scene. Another high demand feature that v1.75 brings is the !route command. This enables players to see the route of the quickest replay bot, depicted by glowing blue dots. Several exploits have also been fixed in this version.

Full changelog:
- fixed several undo-tp exploits
- added convar kz_player_transparency (default: 100): Modifies the transparency of players. 0 is invisible and 255 is visible.
- added ability to change the quake sounds (scripted by AzaZPPL)
- added client option "replay route" / client command "!route" (shows the route of the quickest replay bot with glowing dots)
- added client command "!mapinfo": Prints in chat global info about the current map. The map rating happens globally and all kz maps need to get approved from now on before you can set global times on them
- added hgr:source support
- integrated language option into the options menu
- removed arrow/triangle icon above player heads
- minor bug fixes and optimizations
Updated files:
addons\sourcemod\translations\*ALL FILES MODIFIED*
Download: 1.75
A New System

Currently, as soon as a map with proper Timers is played with KZTimer plugin, it is uploaded into KZTimer's global database. KZTimer will potentially switch to a system where new maps are not automatically registered for the global database, but are approved manually.

Higher Quality Maps, Better KZ Experience

We have currently reached a point where many new maps are being released every week. However, not all of them are on par with the quality that you usually expect. By filtering out the maps that are low-quality, we believe that this will improve the general KZ experience.

A More Organized Community

The hope for this new system is to make the entire KZ CSGO community more organized. Up until now, there has never been an official KZ maplist. Different KZ servers had different KZ maps - server owners lacked direction in what maps to upload onto their servers. Some server owners chose to upload all map regardless of quality, some chose to upload only the ones they deemed favorable. This change hopes to fix this problem. Of course - server owners still have the choice of uploading their personal favorite maps regardless of whether it is approved or not, but now they have direction into what general maps are high quality.

Introducing the Workshop System

The KZTimer Official Map List will be published as a Workshop Collection. This is helpful in many ways:

  • Fixes the Missing .bsp error, which is due to different versions of the map sharing the same filename.
  • Map is hosted onto Steam's CDN, eliminating the need for server owner to set up a FastDL server
  • Players can instantly download all KZ maps by simply subscribing to the Workshop collection
  • Server owners can subscribe their servers to the Workshop collection, automatically updating their server whenever a new map is released
  • In the server browser, players have the ability to right click on the map and click "View in workshop" to find out more information about it. This easily provides means to find information about the map, such as its description, screenshots, who the map maker is, or when the map was published.
  • In the Workshop system, map makers can easily update their map. Anyone, or any server, subscribed to the KZTimer Official Map List will have the map updated too.

Beneficial to Map Creators Too

KZTimer Map Testers will always provide helpful feedback to map creators to improve their maps. In addition, we will provide map creators with a private server so they can freely test by themselves too. Getting feedback on a new map has never been easier.

A Map Testing Team

A map testing team has been carefully selected to contain outstanding members of the community who share a love for KZ. They have years of experience playing KZ, and has an appreciation for KZ maps as well as the map making process.

Every Saturday, an administrator of this Map Tester group will send a list of Workshop maps for testers to test. For every map, they must answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think that the map maker has spent a lot of effort in making the map high quality, and why?
  2. Do you think that this map will be enjoyed by general KZ population, and why? Do you think that there is a role or niche that this map fulfills that a small group of people might enjoy and would be interested in having it be global?
  3. Do you think that there is interest in having a global record for the map for competition, and why?
  4. General feedback (parts you liked, parts you did not like, shortcuts or skips, what you think will improve the map, etc)
  5. Do you approve of this map being on the global database (yes or no)?

Each player will test the maps by themselves, so they can go at their own pace, and so that there is no confirmation bias

Maps having an approval rate of 50% or above will be activated in the global database. Map creators receive feedback from the questionaire either way, and have as many chances to re-submit newer versions of the map as they want.

Every Sunday, an administrator will add approved maps to the KZTimer Official Map List, and provide an updated mapcycle.txt for server owners.

An Official Tier/Difficulty List

In addition to approving new maps, the map testing team will also be responsible for judging the difficulty of each map. Difficulty Lists has been in beta testing for several months at KREEDZ EUROPE server and is expected to be adopted in the official KZTimer Global as well. This will be very helpful to newer players who are not yet familiar with all KZ maps.

Automatic Updating Servers

One of the big goals for all of this is for servers to automatically update by themselves. The official KZTimer Official Map List using the Steam Workshop Map Collection framework plays a very big role in this, as it helps subscribed server automatically update its map files. The second big part is configuring servers to automatically update its mapcycle.txt based off the Official Map List - this will let players nominate new maps or else they will never see the light of day. In the coming KZTimer v1.75 update, we will provide instructions on how to configure this.
Hello everyone!

The KZ-Climb website has been completely remodeled and redesigned from scratch! We are now using a much better and faster forum engine, and have adopted Flat UI design for our appearance.

We feel that the biggest failure with our previous version of the website was that the Home page was not integrated with the forums. This is addressed in this new update. Our Home Page (portal page) can properly promote Articles such as this post, while allowing users to comment on them.

There are many more great things to come to this forum. Register and stay tuned!