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This week our first KZ-Climb Cup started with the first half of the RO128 generating incredible viewing figures on our Twitch channel. We reached 1,627 followers, 5,408 total views and peaked at around 1,000 viewers simultaneously. As usual we would love to see some feedback in the comments.

Weekly News:

Approved Maps:
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Since we had so many new kz related videos this week I decided to create a "Weekly Playlist" on YouTube. Make sure you check out all the runs of this week's KZ-Climb Cup #1 RO128 on our Twitch channel as well:
Global Records:
UPDATE #2: Results of day two are added below. The remaining matches will be played off stream on sunday. Make sure to check this thread for latest results tomorrow.

Final results of the first day are added below. The German player [​IMG]@Steve recieved a Global Ban on KZTimer for cheating during his match against [​IMG]@kefa who managed to win his matches anyway. Please feel free to join the discussion in this thread and leave us some feedback.

Tomorrow, the long-awaited moment will arrive: the very first Kreedz Cup in CS:GO kicks off! This weekend the first 64 participants will face each other in the first half of Round 1 (RO128), deciding who gets knocked out directly or who earns a two week break until competing in Round 2 again.

You can follow the action live on our Twitch channel or on Twitter using the hashtag #KZClimbCup. Upcoming matches and latest results are shown below.

And don't forget that you can still increase the current prize pool by donating! Donations for this cup will be accepted till the Grand Final is over.

[Details] [Bracket] [Schedule] [Twitter] [Twitch] [Donate]

Latest Results:

Sunday, 31th January

[​IMG] @paawp [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @Lopic *** def-loss for not showing up
@alx [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @Micheal (kz_frozen_go, kz_phamous)
@shneap [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @WiLLi (kz_redline, kz_rockclimb)
@Kami [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Shippi (kz_redline, kz_rockclimb)
@Satan [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Potato™ (kz_frozen_go, kz_redline)
@sfn [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @reikobi (kz_redline, kz_summercliff_go)
@Agi0 [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @tOtuL0tu (kz_redline, kz_rockclimb) *** PRO RUN ONLY on 2nd map

Saturday, 30th January

[​IMG] @kiap [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Blitz *** def-loss for not showing up
[​IMG] @iodine [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @PurpleLiquid (kz_summercliff_go, kz_phamous)
[​IMG] @b0utamine [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @El Queso (kz_frozen_go, kz_rockclimb)
@middy [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Latency (kz_streetblock_go, kz_summercliff_go)
@Memes [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @FrenzyCS (kz_redline, kz_phamous)
linus [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Mouseck (kz_redline, kz_phamous)
@Tryhard [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @zorb (kz_frozen_go, kz_skycastle_go_b2)
@ahful [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Garrett (kz_frozen_go, kz_phamous)
@kirshy [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @jord (kz_frozen_go, kz_summercliff_go)
@fraxxy^ [ 2 ] vs. [ 1 ] [​IMG] @LilKeebs (kz_frozen_go, kz_summercliff_go, kz_phamous)

Friday, 29th January

[​IMG] @CoreyNI [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @TicoKz (kz_redline) *** TicoKZ forfeited during the first map
[​IMG] @bNt [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @MoJo *** def-loss for not showing up
[​IMG] @skodna [ 2 ] vs. [ 1 ] [​IMG] @Netcode (kz_frozen_go, kz_phamous, kz_summercliff_go)
[​IMG] @V0rt3X [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @Moxzy (kz_frozen_go, kz_redline)
[​IMG] @Steve [ 1 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @kefa (kz_streetblock_go, kz_rockclimb, kz_frozen_go)
[​IMG] @flex [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @hoLy (kz_redline, kz_frozen_go)
[​IMG] @pano [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @domeS (kz_phamous, kz_redline)
[​IMG] @Cronay [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @SkeleZ (kz_phamous, kz_frozen_go)
[​IMG] @g-Lp [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @8ball (kz_phamous, kz_skycastle_go_b2) *** PRO RUN ONLY
[​IMG] @MarKyy [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @J'P (kz_phamous, kz_redline)
[​IMG] @Carrier [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @Potti (kz_phamous, kz_frozen_go)
[​IMG] @fl1po [ 2 ] vs. [ 1 ] [​IMG] @Smallzz (kz_frozen_go, kz_rockclimb, kz_streetblock_go)
[​IMG] @itzme [ 2 ] vs. [ 0 ] [​IMG] @DoctorClanScript *** def-loss for not showing up
[​IMG] @FlipZ [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @finckelton *** def-loss for not showing up
[​IMG] @haendler [ 0 ] vs. [ 2 ] [​IMG] @PlastiS *** def-loss for not showing up
UPDATE: These maps are now approved.
  • kz_zhop_function3
  • kz_skytower_final
  • kz_adrenaline
  • kz_insomnia_v3
  • kz_woodstonegrass_final

When you look back at 2015 KZ-Climb and KZ in general have grown a lot. We expanded our servers to Europe, merging with JunkFoodMountain and KREEDZ EUROPE. We also established a process to approve maps and cracked the 800 members mark a few days ago. A lot of new KZ servers went online and we made it from KZTimer v1.65 to v1.82b. To keep this progress going it is our concern to ask you what your expectations or wishes for 2016 are. Please leave a comment with your ideas.

Weekly News:

  • KZ-Climb Cup #1 starts this upcoming weekend. You can get all relative information right here. If you are a participating player, you should have received a signup form via a PM on the forum, or on Steam. Please fill it in ASAP. If you have not received one and you have commented on the signup thread, please send @Kenneth a private message. Thanks!
  • Make sure you check out our very first Mapping Competition.
  • We were proudly featured in an article at, a welll-known gaming related magazine.
  • Currently we are interested in augmenting our staff by recruiting casters and tournament organizers.
  • @JWL created an amazingly detailed KZ Guide series including the !tutorial plugin.
  • Seeing as we've had a large influx of new members, I would like to point out our Social Media List. If you are also a KZ content creator make sure to get on this list!

This week we have 5 new maps created by KZ-Climb community members.
Records This Week:
Greetings KZ-Climb.

Before I get to the actual point of this thread. I, "Deville" would just like to share a few words about my thoughts on what's going on lately.

With all the insane growth of the KZ community lately due to the cup that was announced a few days ago, we have some special news for you. News that certainly would certainly surprise a person like me, who has played KZ since forever and has always seen it as a mod with a low playerbase. There is no doubt that a new chapter has begun. And to be able to say that "I am a part of this" hasn't made me more prouder than saying it now. I wish I could reveal even more of what is about to come, but that would ruin the excitement wouldn't it? There's a famous youtuber that is interested in covering the upcoming KZ-Climb cup, I'll give you that for now.

Recently, KZ-Climb was proudly featured in an article at which is a well-known gaming related magazine. The article introduces the meaning of KZ together with an interview with global record holder & KZ phenomenon, ruben. The interview brings up many different aspects, especially the competitive scene of the game mode and perspectives about it, also ruben's personal thoughts towards the KZ community. Last but not least, some words from the founder of this community, Kenneth. I'd recommend you to go check it out right now!

Link to the article:

Before I end this post I would like to on behalf of the KZ community, give my biggest thanks to PCGamer for publishing the article & also to Fredrik "Fredso" Salomonsson for writing it.
You can show your appreciation to the developer of KZTimer by donating here.

KZTimer Global v1.82 has been released! This is a small update that addresses a checkpoint bug.

- fixed a glitch which did not allow you to do checkpoints on valid grounds
Updated files:
v1.82b Hotfix 
- fixed bhop triggers 

- fixed a glitch which did not allow you to do checkpoints on valid grounds 
It's a new year, and a perfect time for an announcement thread! KZ-Climb has big plans for 2016, and we are excited to bring you new and better content.

Updated Workshop System

As many of you are aware, a recent bug emerged that prevents CS:GO community game servers from synchronizing with large Workshop Collections. To combat this, we have split the Global Maps Collection into three sub-collections. The new Workshop collections can be found here. Server owners should regularly sync up their servers with those three collections to receive any potential map updates.

In addition, we have also written a tutorial on setting up your server with the Workshop system. You can check that out here.

Steam Account Integration

Steam Account Integration is a feature that we added during late November. An announcement was never made for this, so I might as well talk about it here. When signing up, new members now have the option to sign up through Steam. This makes sign up a lot easier for Steam users, and automatically integrates your forum account with Steam.

Older members who registered before I added Steam Integration can associate their Steam account by hovering over their profile and clicking on External Accounts, or simply by clicking here.

For integrated users, a Steam Status icon block will appear in their profile page on the forum as well as show under their username for posts.

Forum Userbars And Badges


A new and well-received feature we recently implemented is the userbar. Notable players in the community now are awarded with colorful banners below their name. The current userbars are:
  • Staff Member
  • Programmer
  • Video Editor
  • Writer
  • Pro Player
  • Map Tester
  • KZ Server Owner
  • Mapper
  • Donor
If you believe that you should have a userbar, but don't already have it, send me a private message on the forum!

Another new addition is the badge. Badges sit below your username and your userbars, and are only awarded to outstanding community members.


To see what badges you currently have, go to your Profile Page and then click on Badges. Before a badge is displayed under your username in posts, you must select the option to feature it first.

Badges are also manually awarded to top players. If you currently hold a world record (for at least three days), send me a private message on the forum and you will be awarded with the World Record Holder badge.

The KZ-Climb Cup

Did someone say epic tournament? In the KZ-Climb Cup, players will face one another in a KZ Battle each week, until there remains only one winner. To players: signups are open now, so get ready to prove that you are the best of the best. There are no requirements for signup; it is open to anyone.

Click here for more information.

KZ-Climb Mapping Competition

We at KZ-Climb are proud to announce that we're hosting our very first mapping competition! Mapping competitions are fun for everyone, and will bring out the creativity of our awesome mappers.

There is a twist to this though: the community will vote on the theme that the mapper must adhere to. So even if you are not a mapper, you can participate in this too!

Click here for more information. Chicago Server Shutting Down

When I first started KZ-Climb, there were only a few KZ servers in the US, and all of them were low quality. The biggest server at that time was House of Climb Chicago by far, but their map pool was severely out of date.

Since I couldn't find any great servers to play at, I chose to start my own KZ server with the goal of making it the highest quality server. KZ-Climb Seattle was born, and it was the first to add new maps and updates, and it quickly became popular. Shortly afterwards, I expanded KZ-Climb into Chicago too at the suggestion of my players.

As the months have gone by, KZ became increasingly popular, and more and more KZ servers started surfacing. Many of the new server owners were players at KZ-Climb who wanted to create their own personalized servers. I have helped many of those servers grow from just an idea into a full and popular, high-quality server.

I'm happy to say that there are now tons of high-quality and maintained servers now. There is no longer a need for me to continue hosting public game servers. I believe that I have fulfilled my original goal, and have even inspired many of the well-known servers today. I have shut down KZ-Climb Chicago server because there are now many servers in Chicago that are simply better than it, in my opinion. I will continue running KZ-Climb Seattle for a while due to its popularity and area.

Instead of game server hosting, I want to redirect my focus into a new area: the community. Although KZ in CS:GO is now bigger than it was ever before, there is still a serious lack of actual community content. This year, I want to strengthen our community and bring top content to the table, starting with the KZ-Climb Cup and the Mapping Competition.

Thank you for your continuous support, and let's make 2016 another great year for KZ!
You can show your appreciation to the developer of KZTimer by donating here.

KZTimer Global v1.81 has been released! This is a small update that addresses a checkpoint exploit.

- fixed checkpoint exploit which allowed players to do checkpoints mid-air 
- added mappers access to vip servers (you can enter mappers in 
Updated files:
- KZTimerGlobal.smx (sourcemod/plugins)
You can show your appreciation to the developer of KZTimer by donating here.

KZTimer Global v1.79 has been released! This update improves on the spectator interface and fixes jumpstats bug caused by gravity. It also adds the option of setting the default language used by KZTimer.

Full changelog:
- added chat message when someone gains a global top 20 time 
- added "Top Ranked On Map" shortcut to the spectator menu 
- added server convar kz_default_language (Default: 0) --> 0: english, 1: german, 2: swedish, 3: french, 4: russian, 5: simplified chinese 
- added personal best (PB) notifier to all jumpstats messages 
- fixed jumpstats bug with low gravity zones (entity name: "trigger_gravity") 
- minor bug fixes 
Updated files:
 - KZTimerGlobal.smx (sourcemod/plugins)
 - language files (sourcemod/translations) 
Please delete your cfg/sourcemod/KZTimerGlobal.cfg and restart your server! KZTimer will automatically create a new config file, which will be up to date!

You can show your appreciation to the developer of KZTimer by donating here.

KZTimer Global v1.78 has been released! This update fixes the jumpstat exploit that could be done on kz_galaxy_go2.

Full changelog:
- fixed jumpstats exploit at these mini choppers (e.g. on kz_galaxy_go2) 
- integrated "slope boost fix" plugin
Updated files:
You should clean up your jumpstats top 20's after updating to KZTimer 1.78!

You can show your appreciation to the developer of KZTimer by donating here.

KZTimer Global v1.77 has been released! The bugs with pre-strafe has been addressed and fixed in this version. From now on, each server has to be whitelisted to gain access to the global database. so0le manages the server list and will be the "approver" of new servers. The new global database is hosted by versaceLORD. Thanks to both!

Statement from so0le:
Full changelog:
- switched database hoster
- fixed global database security leak
- fixed wrong max speed on prestrafing
- fixed kz_prestrafe server convar
- minor optimizations
- updated files: KZTimerGlobal.smx
Updated files:
Download: 1.77