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  1. EldersEdge
  2. bobby doggy
    bobby doggy
    Bling Bling Boi
  3. Sharp
  4. krAzy.exe
    krAzy.exe Sikari
    Sikari,unban me pls,today i must be unbanned.. why not?
  5. :babyrage:
    :babyrage: Kenneth
    Hello, this is Kenneth from KZ Climb.
  6. My teammate is trash
    My teammate is trash Funk
    have no idea where to write but i see youre a global admin so can you unban me? i used bhop script once. i wont do it again i just wanna climb you know.
  7. mountain
    mountain Orbit
    hi orbit ,your dpi and sens ? and you hide your weapon model ?
    1. Orbit
      Hello mountain, my DPI is 800 and I play on 1.75 ingame sens. I switch between having a viewmodel and hiding it all the time, but I feel like in skz I prefer hiding my viewmodel, idk why.
      Jan 21, 2018
    2. mountain
      Jan 21, 2018
  8. Kuah
    Hello to my new Kz profile :p
  9. vemaybay
  10. vemaybay
  11. vemaybay
  12. vemaybay
  13. vemaybay
  14. vemaybay
  15. el1sav
  16. Hassan
    Smokin' Dope x)
  17. vemaybay
  18. vemaybay
  19. vemaybay
  20. vemaybay