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kz_freezingridge_go_fix_v4 has been removed from globals due to another surf sc being discovered.
Hello KZ’ers,

We’re excited to announce a new part of the KZTimer Global infrastructure - demo reviews! For those of you with 1.6 history, this will be very familiar to you.

We have created an early version of a demo review tool that allows us to look at the replay bot records that are saved by KZTimer and check them for data that is consistent with cheating. Global times must still be performed on globally whitelisted servers, but we will now have an extra tool in place to verify them. Our freshly-minted demo team that will handle the demo reviews consists of Klyve, Chuckles, Funk, Plekz and Zpamm. The team has a breadth of experience that includes plugin development, mouse detecting, 1.6 experience and general KZ experience.

We welcome any server owners to submit their demos to us so that we can check for cheaters. While we learn how to recognize different cheated behavior, every additional demo that is sent to us will help. If you are suspicious of a player or run, get in touch with the server owner and ask them to send us the demo file.

Using this tool, we have already been successful in identifying our first suspects. There is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a player with a number of top 20 times has used injected cheats on multiple runs - including a global pro record. As a result, he is now banned from KZTimer and all of his records have been removed.

We see this new tool as a great refinement to CS:GO KZ and we will continually strive to improve the KZ experience for all users going forward.

Thank you,
KZ-Timer Team
So, as some of you may have noticed, the global database took a hit.
Someone with access to the database decided to delete all the times. This triggered an auto restore from the server to a point at the end of April.
Let me note that all global records have been restored, however top 20 times and bans from the past 6 days were lost. If anything is out of order please contact one of the database admins and they will fix it.

Going forward, we have made sure this wont happen again. A security threat still exists and solving this will render all servers without global access until applied for again. At this point in time, we are looking for other solutions. More information to come.

Sincerely Klyve
New global maps:

kz_rockjungle is now kz_rockjungle_v2

A small unintended skip was discovered and used by 2 players, offending times have been removed and old times have been transferred.
kz_gfy_limit is now re-approved

Mapcycle for server owners:
KZTimer Global Player Rules (This includes but is not limited to)
  1. Cheating
    • Mouse features (MSL, hyperscrolling, etc.)
    • Macros
    • Scripts
    • AutoHotKey or any scripting language designed to mimic or reproduce peripheral input
    • Injected hacks
    • Binds that give an unfair advantage (e.g. null binds or LJ bind, cannot confirm/deny implementation of a check for these binds (and thereby the veracity of this rule) until the release of KZTimer 2.0.)
  2. Exploiting to gain Global times
    • Exploiting KZTimer
    • Exploiting server privilege
The above rules apply regardless of the server being Global or non-Global.

Punishment for breaking the Player Rules of Conduct

If you are caught breaking either of these rules you will be banned. You are however free to appeal this (appeal here), and if you come clean you may be given a chance to redeem yourself, all your records and stats will be wiped. If you proceed to break the rules you will be given a permanent ban and your ban appeal will be denied outright.

Playing on alternate accounts while globally banned:

You are not allowed to return to global servers on alternate accounts while globally banned.

KZTimer Global Server Owner Rules of Conduct

1. Plugins that give players unfair advantages

This includes but is not limited to plugins like hook, flying, teleportation, speed manipulation.

2. Cheating times
This includes using your access to the global database to cheat and insert false times.

3. Hiding or removing bots of global records
Until we get a way to share global bots, any attempt to remove bots or hide a global record from the other players will be considered as breaking rule No. 2

4. Banning or unbanning people from the global banlist

5. Keep your server clean
You as a global KZTimer server owner have a responsibility to keep your server clean. That means reporting in cheaters or cheated times. Your admins are an extension of yourself, so consider them as one. They are as responsible for the server as you are.

Failure to meet these requirements
If you somehow fail to meet there requirements your server will be given a punishment. Depending on the severity of the offence this can include:

  • Strike on the server ( 2 strikes & you're out)
  • Server removed from the global list
  • Global ban issued to server owner
Very small update to kz_blindcity_easy_fix removing a single pixelsurf. Filename remains the same.
There were some maps that fell through the cracks and should've been removed 3+ months ago. The changes are as follows -

Maps removed from global:

kz_milk_and_jumps_d has also been removed as it contains material from a map by Tony Montana (See here and here)

Map added to global:

Mapcycle for server owners: