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After much anticipation, GOKZ Global will finally be going live on January 9th at 11:00AM UTC. This comes alongside the release of GOKZ 1.0.0, which now has implementations of almost all of the key features of KZTimer, including jumpstats, replay bots and antimacro.

We hope that GOKZ provides a much more enjoyable KZ experience. We encourage everyone, especially the more advanced players who perhaps don’t play as much anymore, to give a go at competing in the new global SimpleKZ mode. And if you don’t like it, you are always welcome to continue playing the KZTimer mode in GOKZ.

As previously announced, GOKZ Global uses the GlobalAPI instead of the current global database system. To compete globally, you must play on a global GOKZ server. As a sidenote, servers may now allow globally banned players to connect without allowing them to compete for global records. To achieve global server status, server owners are required to sign up for an API key for use with the GlobalAPI plugin.

Global server applications are now done via our portal. Records submitted to the API can also be viewed through that website. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked for your email. This is purely for contact purposes - we will not spam your email. After you’ve applied for a server, you can retrieve your API key from the servers view. Note that the API Key will not be valid until we approve it. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to ask the global team for assistance.

Be sure to join the GOKZ Steam group if you haven’t already!

The Global Team
The @Carrier strafes are back in this featured run. With an improvement of 28seconds over the previous record this run deserves a nice look. EZ4GB

Run info: kz_high_tech
Edited by Sachburger
Music: Flex Your Way Out by Sofi de la Torre ft. blackbear

Brought to you by HOC Squad, the leading squad in csgo kz (thanks @persona )
GOKZ Replay Viewer by Ziks

We’re excited to announce that Ziks has created an amazing tool for the KZ Community - an ONLINE viewer for GOKZ replays! This means you can watch your favorite replays straight from your browser and most mobile phones!

Here’s a replay on kz_exps_cursedjourney:

More replays are available at:

The tool parses map BSPs, extracts images and map format and recreates the map in webgl in the browser. Then the GOKZ demo data is used to move the camera throughout the map as the player. (If you get under 10 frames per second, make sure that hardware acceleration is turned on in your browser settings.) The repository is available at

Due to the nature of the replay files, KZTimer .rec files would not play as well, although the viewer does support KZTimer mode replays completed in the GOKZ plugin.

Ziks still has plans to add more functionality including things like: keypress display, speedometer, longjump distance and sync meter.

We are looking to get feedback on this amazing tool so that Ziks (and then members of the Global Team) can improve the tool. Since the tool is open source and MIT licensed, we expect that we’ll continue to add new features in the future.

Thank you Ziks for creating such an amazing feature for KZ!
It brings me great pleasure to announce that GOKZ 1.0.0 will support global records.

GOKZ is a brand new KZ plugin package. It features a alternative set of movement mechanics designed primarily to take focus away from perfect bunnyhops. You are also able to switch to and play with the KZTimer and Vanilla CS:GO mechanics.

As a result of the hard work of @Chuckles and @Sikari, GOKZ now has a platform for a global records system in the form of the Global API. Each mode in GOKZ will have its own set of global records. You will be able to compete for KZTimer globals using the KZTimer mode on GOKZ servers.

There will be a short beta period of about a week to test the new global functionality.

The beta starts today. It's over. Thanks. Times will be wiped after.

Get your practice in because release is imminent (also it will help us out with testing). More details about the full release will be provided later in the beta.

If you are interested in hosting a GOKZ server for either the beta period and/or for the release of GOKZ 1.0.0, please contact the global team. Any other issues and feedback may also be forwarded to the global team.

Hi KZers!

The closed beta of the Global API has ended in preparation of the release of a completely rewritten version 2.

The Global API v2 (rewritten by Sikari) is now available for testing on the map testing team's server. The new version showcases new features - most importantly its

ability to replace everything the current global database does. It's faster, less resource intensive, and supports a more modern design. We are also definitely ready to prove that! I encourage you all to come test out the new API on the map testing server:
  • (Will be available for 36 hours)

A few notable changes beyond bug-fixes are:
  • All times are submitted to API (correctly!)
  • No bind godlikes, PB godlikes and ownage jumps are submitted to API
  • Super fancy API-specific globalcheck that fulfills the needs easily
  • Macrodox bans are submitted to API
  • API-specific global top (Prints top20 records, can be modified with a convar)
  • API-specific map global record
  • API-specific map tier
  • Jumpstat top records are announced in the chat (Can be modified with a convar)
  • Global top records are announced in the chat (Can be modified with a convar)
  • ALL phrases are included in the translations (which means you can modify them to your liking!)
    • Translation file can be found on /addons/sourcemod/translations/KZTimer-API.phrases.txt


  • These are created when you run your server for the first time. See /cfg/sourcemod/KZTimer-API.cfg

  • Global top record amount can be controlled with
    KZAPI_globaltop_count <count> (min 5, max 100)

  • Map top records announcing can be controlled with
    KZAPI_broadcasted_place <place> (min 1, max 100)

  • Jumpstat top record announcing can be controlled with
    KZAPI_js_broadcasted_place <place> (min 1, max 30)

The commands that currently use the API are:

  • !globaltop2 (so that it doesn't interfere with the regular !globaltop)
    • Ex: !globaltop2 kz_phamous PRO 64
    • All arguments are optional
  • !wr (Prints database global times and API global times)
  • !tier (Prints database map tier and API map tier)
  • !globalcheck (Prints API-specific global check to chat)

Any issues and feedback can be forwarded to any Global Team member!
Downloads are available on a later date

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Have fun!

The Global Team
KZTimerGlobal 1.88 Release

Global Team is very excited to announce a new version of KZTimerGlobal
This release has some wanted features like convar for chat processing and aswell an option to disable error sounds.

Full patch notes can be found at the end of this post

Downloads are available as either UPGRADE or FULL packages.
Download link for both packages can be found here:

  • Fixes to exploits & issues
    • Fixed an exploit with goto
    • Fixed an exploit where players could use custom colors in chat
    • Fixed an issue where your timer would continue when going to spectators paused
    • Prestrafe has been fixed for no pre (USP walkspeed is now 250)
  • QOL changes
    • Added an option for players to disable error sounds
    • Added a server convar to disable chat processing (Thanks theSaint)
    • Added a server convar to disable the steam group adverts
  • Miscellaneous changes
    • !join (sm_join) now points to the current KZTimer steam group
    • Gray, perfect & impressive longjumps now reset the godlike count
    • Whenever a global time doesn’t register, a message is now printed to your chat instead of being console before.
    • Jumpstat forwards are implemented into KZTimer
We’re excited to continue development and we would be happy to hear about feedback on these changes.

Thank you,
The Global Team
Hey everyone,

Due to the increase of demos being sent, we actually have videos to make! I want to thank those who sent in demos, and I want to encourage others to send their demos in.

iEatCrayons has beaten linus' run on bkz_volcanohop, and his time is a neat little palindrome.

Hey KZers!

We are happy to announce that we are officially Discord partnered!

What does this mean for us??

  • Custom invite link:
  • Dedicated VIP servers to ensure stability
  • Custom splash screen
  • Faster support via Partner support
  • More cool stuff in the future!


Be sure to check our Discord out!
and make sure to invite your friends as well! <3

Hey everyone,

Unlike the last three videos, this will be an actual run the of "week". Plastis produced this video and messaged me privately wondering about the music
Now, I think the music is fine. It's rather infectious. But if you have an opinion, please do make sure to tag @PlastiS and let him know that you either like or dislike jaden smith and his music.

Here's the video:

Hey everyone,

Due to the lack of demos being uploaded, there hasn't been any videos being produced. If you want that to change, I encourage you to submit demos to

Break's kz_pineforest run is just slightly faster than linus' time, but still not enough to be the sub-2 minute goal. Hopefully in the future we'll see it happen. Enjoy.

Thanks, Zach47